Friday, May 22, 2009

Word count 625

Poetry, my lover, my friend.
You speak in ways that I can only imagine.
I admire your endurance through time.
I admire the way you can say something that means one thing to the world and another to me.
I feel your secrets,
I detect them, yet cannot always describe them.
How secretive you are on your counter.

A simple motion:
Fuzzy carpeting beneath my toes,
I drag my feet across the floor as I sit,
Enjoying the sensation.

Or as Harrison might say:
My Toes beneath fuzzy carpeting,
I sit across the drag as I floor my feet,
The enjoying sensation.

I started running,
My breaths harder,
My limbs working,
Feeling empowered,
But lacking endurance.
Endurance will come,
Easier breaths will come,
My limbs will be forced to work harder than they want to.
Too bad for them.

In Harrison speech:
Running started I,
Limbs, my working,
Empowered feeling,
Lacking but endurance,
Come will, endurance,
Come will, easier breaths,
They want to be forced, my limbs, work harder than will.
For bad, them too.

I miss fireflies.
They are the sure sign of summer,
Glowing through the night,
Communication through light patterns,
Mystery when the lights go out.
What do you do during the day little bug?
I have seen you in your groggy state,
Being the light of the party can do that to you.
Would you like some Tylenol?
Make the party headache go away?
No, you just need rest.
Rest little bug so that you can enjoy the night again.
You have more than once, rested on me,
But never lingered.
Even when your light is not showing in your groggy state,
I miss you when you leave.
I don’t like the darkness either,
I wish I could glow.
I would party with you,
You could show me the way.
Perhaps it is better that I exist in the daytime,
My subconscious the only existence at night.
Perhaps I can dance with you then.
I can dream of you in a swirl of light about me,
Then I might glow.
Can you help me to glow?
Then I would awaken,
Hoping to find you on my window sill.

Death Storm rising:
Hawks feathers,
Crazy weathers,
Flying high,
The storm says die.
Finding shelter,
Now it swelters,
Crazy sigh,
The storm says die.
Flying high,
Now you lie,
Now I cry,
The storm says die.
God says wake,
One more breath you take,
Now you try,
The storm says die.
One last soar,
Before you can take no more,
Through the nigh,
The storm does die.
Death behind you,
Death old and new,
Live the sky,
Make it “I”.

From a little person in the wide universe:
Stars watch down,
Their size unknown,
To us so small,
To others, the sun.
Are we the only ones who stare into oblivion?
Are we joined by others?
Do they see our sun as a tiny star,
Never to think that we are here?
Never to think we might look back?
How crushing would it be to humans,
If we found out we were not alone?
That we alone were not all that was created,
That earth is the smallest functioning planet?
That while we have destroyed mother earth,
Others might have done better,
Evolved or been created better?
Would faith increase or shatter?
Would our lives still mean anything?
The same as they mean now,
Just maybe not to others.
Look to the sky,
And you might see,
The others that might have eaten from the tree.

Refridgerator buzz.
Dogs barking.
Typing sounds.
Traffic driving.
Birds singing.
Wind through the trees.
Air entering and leaving my lungs,
Bigger truck passing now.
Computer fan kicking on.
Sounds of the last minute.

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