Friday, May 29, 2009

Blog #4 a Cento of Emily Dickenson by: Jessica Frohling

Word Count: 635

A spider sewed at night 1138
He Forked his way along 1136
Till sudden I perceived it stir 1057
How terrible a thing 879
With ropes of sand 884
Adored with caution—as a Brittle Heaven— 680
Of a shapeless friend-- 679
Beyond my limit to conceive-- 646
Drop, like a Tapestry, away 275
If grief—the largest part-- 246
Seductive in the Air— 1239
Such are the inlets of the mind-- 1421
In my own grave I breath 1632
Unto a Silent Sky 1084
At Heavenly- Hopeless Distances-- 805
And when adjusted like a Seed 804
Dropped into Ether Acre-- 665
Witness, is not here-- 667
I think to Live-may be a Bliss 646
So Midnight’s—due—at Noon. 415
Death twists the strings-- 1059
Air has no Residence, no Neighbor, 1060
Contained in this short Life 1165
Recollect the Face of me 1305
The Infinite a sudden Guest 1309
I pray the Lord thy Dust to keep-- 1539
Yet blamed the Fate that flung it- less 747
All but Death, can be Adjusted-- 749
‘Tis customary as we part 440
The bosoms where the frost has lain 132
Has lost a blush today? 82
Many a Worm 66
To comprehend a nectar 67
Then take my flowers—pray! 32
So has a Daisy vanished 28
The satyr’s fingers beckoned-- 9
Art thou the thing I wanted? 1282
A stagnant pleasure like a Pool 1281
So intimate with Madness 1284
The Wind begun to rock the Grass 1955
Pounce on His bruises-One-say- or Three-- 793
A Half a Dozen kissed the Eaves-- 794
The Needle—to the North Degree-- 792
The Wayward Nun- beneath the Hill-- 722
It slipped—and slipped-- 723
Such Guilt—to love Thee—most! 394
Who visits in the Night-- 391
Through the Dark Sod—as Education-- 392
Can the ecstasy define-- 136
Then how the Greif got sleepy—some-- 577
How good his Lava Bed, 1447
Permitting to pursue 1753
Just long enough for Hope to tease-- 762
The Racket shamed me so-- 486
Stooping—plucking – sighing—flying 94
I took my Power in my Hand-- 540
The River reaches to my feet-- 537
Of His Profound To Come-- 672
Essential Oils—are wrung-- 675
Never Bride had such Assembling-- 649
The Twilight stood, as Strangers do 1104
We do not know the time we lose-- 1106
Between his Holiday 1107
Developed from within-- 795
Growth of Man—like Growth of Nature-- 750
Sufficient to enfold him 606
It’s easy to invent a Life-- 724
Eternity’s vast pocket, picked-- 587
The solemn contract of a Life 580
As if before a child 574
The ones that disappeared are back 1690
And life hath Immortality-- 549
Her smile was shaped like other smiles— 514
The Lover—hovered—o’er-- 512
And bore her struggling, blushing, 91
Exhilaration-is within-- 383
But whom his fingers touched-- 391
Smiling back from Coronation 385
The Soul selects her own Society-- 303
And so with Butterflies-- 257
Rowing in Eden-- 249
How Death’s Gifts may compare-- 382
Each Other’s Convert— 387
How far is it to Hell? 929
Swift as a Freshet’s Tongue 945
All forgot for recollecting 966
A nearness to Tremendousness-- 936
Is best disclosed by Danger 974
The murmuring of Bees, has ceased 1115
Paradise is that old mansion 1119
A great Hope fell 1123
Oh Sumptuous moment 1125
Without discreet alarm-- 1128
Tell all the Truth but tell it slant-- 1129
The Merchant of the Picturesque 1131
Step lightly on this narrow spot-- 1183
Remembrance has a Rear and Front-- 1182
What we see we know somewhat 1195
The Past is such a curious Creature 1203
Let my first knowing be of thee 1218
Without this—there is nought— 655
Sip, Goblin, from the very lips 512
No Power can untie 423

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