Friday, May 22, 2009


(Kelly Gibbons 631)

Young Folks
Your Song
Slept So Long
Just a Girl

Slung Yolks
Our Bong
Lept to Song
Must Swirl


Beware! Criminal
Nature Boy
County Line
Paper Shoes
No Way Out

Aware! Minimal
Coy Mature
Bounty Mine
Leper Shows
So Say clout


Idiot Box
The Power of Goodbye
La Tortura

Dot Sox
The Lower of Moody
La Tortuga


Another Way To Die
Paper Planes
Dear Prudence
More Boys I Meet

Smother Ways To Lie
Pap Plans
Smear Students
I Meet More Boys


White Horse
Blood and Roses
Come on Get Higher
All Around Me

Lite House
Mood and Moses
Me No Le Sigh
Small Round Men


All I Want Is You
Picture Perfect
Build You Up

Small Wants I Do
Prefect Pict
Bullied Up


Move Over
Pastures of Plenty
This Sad Song
Chop Suey!
Karma Chameleon

More Oven
Past for Lent
These Glad Gongs
Chopper Sweets
Melon Karma

Saints And Angels
How Come You Don't Call Me
You Won't Find This
Terrible Lie

Wider Ebbs
Taints and Angels
You Don't Call Me, How Come
These Finds You Won't Do
Pie Terry


Wish You Were Here
Blue Jay Way
True Love's Kiss
Tim McGraw
Inside Your Heaven

Her Wishes, You're Weird
Say Lay Lye
Kiss, True Love
Time McCaw
Haven You In


Out From Under
Si Te Vas
One Day I'll Fly Away
A Kiss to Send Us Off

Plunder For Clout
Si, Vacas
O, Pray Flee
Of Bliss, Mend Us


I Care 4 U
Would You Go With Me
How Sweet It Is
The Chance

Alas, how I have wasted the chance,
I found it so sweet,
When you asked if I would go with you,
And though that I care for you, I cannot


I'm Like A Bird
It's Whatever
All Good Things Come
In Another's Eyes

In another's eyes,
Perhaps I am like a bird,
A girl with wings,
Whatever creature I am,
Good things shall come to me,
For I wait


That Don't Impress me Much
If I Fell

The lies that drive you don't impress me,
As I am your girlfriend, I should do anything to be with you
But I have a fear of heights, for if I fell...
So I stand beside the fence looking up


Magic Medicine
The Wrong Side of Memphis
I Want You With Me
Liquid Dance

I want you with me,
Here on the the wrong side of Memphis
The color of my skin a prelude to disaster
If I could just take a magic medicine,
One that changed your perceptions
And yet you see me as the Sambo,
Dancing a liquid dance


Come Over
I Refuse
Stays in Mexico
Elephant Love Medley

I refuse to come over,
And fight
Your ridiculous need for attention,
Composing some elephant love medley,
For me to listen to,
And hate
But eh, what happens in Mexico,
Stays in Mexico


Don't Phunk With My Heart
This One's for the Girls
Rhythm of the Night

I fancy in the Rhythm of the Night,
Our bodies twisting under a Nebula
This one is for the girls, for all the times
You Phunked with my heart
I shall take you, and leave you


All I Want is You
A Crow Left of the Murder
Everybody Wants to Rule
A Whole New World
Rain Please Go Away

In a whole new world,
Everyone wants to rule,
Yet all I want is you,
As I ask the rain to
Please go away,
I know that that a crow
Left of the murder has flown,
And we are alone


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