Tuesday, May 26, 2009

little thoughts

im sitting in my empty apartment
on my bed
surrounded my tissue paper of various shades
listening to bushwalla
sippin on some hazelnut coffee.....venti
inhaling wayy too much Mod Podge
I didn’t wake up for class today
unemployment is treating me well

You’re so breakable and cute
and serene
and passionate
and loving and praiseful
and difficult and beautiful
and frustrated in an adorable way
and irresistible

that earwax is still stuck in your ears
and I cant seem to hear
what you’re complaining about
this sun is cold if you want it to be
just listen to me and all my stories
of endless and supposed realities
they’re stupid and pointless but the melody
will calm you
let it calm you and your intense worries
if you tread on this for too long
itll raise the strands of carpet from electricity
you need simplicity

Little girl what do you wanna do?
Emelia, what is my name?
Littttle girl, little girl
No that’s not my name
Sweetie, honey? Little girl lets go
I refuse to go until you say my name
Little girl
Do I look little Emelia?
Yes, youre a cute little girl
Fine……but im Auntie Kelly, at least get Kelly
Lituhhhllle girl

I will throw down right now
I fucking planted all the flowers on isu’s campus, you know it
Those are tulips not roses

Your jokes suck
And it’s the regret I promised to never have
That presses my ribs and twists my shoulders
In discomfort
And I need to leave
To distract from the reality
Those glasses can only shade
Into your lies
Ur not a good person
And “ur” is not real

Lovebug, lets text all day
Get married and pour glitter on our lives
And coffee and maybe find a water bong
And make sure to ruin any future careers
We may desire to have in

Lifetime 28
Bravo 36
Usa 39
Ae 41
Tlc 45

I can see you through the air conditioner unit
Peek in when I turn around
Sneak, sneak, hide

This lady is stuffing a live rat into her mouth
Maybe she is hungry

You are a little cucumber
So crispy with fresh!
Endearing in a misunderstood way

Cute kitten
Don’t come to me
Stay your distance, just whisper to me
I miss you
Want to hold you to my clavicle

Until this year I just thought I had the worst luck with catching colds..turns out I have what some call allergies

Get some color on those legs

Remote Bracelet
Country Naked
Sternum Jello
Menu Carpet

Your success from the scandals
Disgusting and intriguing

We drive, drive, fly
Away from this comfort
Its childish and lovely
My shoulders breathe
Incline toward the sound
Tilt and taste the shine
Through those skimpy windows

Away forest
Show debris

Your vision is skewed
What is a friend to you
Tapped with kegs of emotion
And sips of honesty eh?

And you speak of money as if it is necessary to be happy
Fuck it, I know
Its naïve but Dad
I love you for being
Great storyteller
Not for your income
At this moment
You’re not happy
I see it when you look relieved that im home
And just display anger when I leave and the family isn’t together again
At this moment you are not happy
And you can’t be
Your lost
So am i
Breath and sight
Find one thing everyday that makes you laugh and cry
…love mom
Love living for family
Don’t worry bout these numbers
It won’t be there in the dust and ashes
Or in the sun and fluff
This place
But I can


Hit in the head again and again


Sand in my eyes
And the fireball of seven is wolverine

First days

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