Friday, May 29, 2009


627 words

Another problem comes (69)

By those who ne’er succeed (67)

Without commander! Countless! Still! (64)

Within my reach! (90)

Butterflies pause (86)

As by the dead we love to sit (88)

My friend must be a bird (92)

This humble tourist rose! (93)

On that specific Pillow (1533)

From all the jails the Boys and Girls (1532)

Acquitted – from that Naked Bar (455)

But witness for her land (1775)

Midsummer, was it, when They died (962)

Vicinity to laws (963)

Nay, it is Deity (809)

It ends beyond (761)

And now We roam in Sovereign Woods (754)

So much Summer (651)

This – dost thou doubt – Sweet (549)

How slow the Wind (1571)

It can’t be “Summer”! (221)

In rags mysterious as these (117)

Come slowly – Eden! (211)

The Admirations – and Contempts – of time (906)

Too imminent the chance (911)

I cannot be ashamed (914)

When Roses cease to bloom, Sir, (32)

Adrift! A little boat adrift! (30)

There is another sky, (2)

Summer for thee, grant I may be (31)

Blazing in Gold and quenching in Purple (228)

We – Bee and I – live by the quaffing (230)

God permits industrious Angels (231)

Half Child – Half Heroine (283)

They looked like frightened Beads, I thought (328)

Their Everlasting fashions – set (331)

I’ll hand it to the Angel – (336)

Who own the ample sea (466)

Because there isn’t Room (467)

I could not prove the Years had feet (563)

A Minor thing – it sounds (565)

To a fictitious Country (562)

Except the Heaven had come so near (472)

Much Madness is divinest Sense (435)

I boldly answered – entered then (436

But we couldn’t learn! (267)

One Life of so much Consequence! (269)

A brief, but patient illness – (18)

This is a word (8)

In insecurity to lie (1434)

Its awful chamber open stands (1428)

A wild Blue sky abreast of Winds (1415)

How lonesome the Wind must feel Nights (1418)

But give a Giant room (1286)

Or could it cease to be (1253)

Crumbs – fit such little mouths (690)

Is ascertained by tasting (799)

Were every storm so spice (1133)

The Bird must sing to earn the Crumb (880)

A Cloud the mighty Sun encloses (882)

Split the Lark – and you’ll find the Music (861)

When the Astronomer stops seeking (851)

Nature and God – I neither knew (835)

Who till they died, did no alive become (816)

It – suggests to our Faith (797)

Nature – the Gentlest Mother is (790)

One Blessing had I than the rest (756)

We thirst at first – ‘tis Nature’s Act (726)

Sweet Mountains – Ye tell Me no lie (722)

The Sunrise runs for Both (710)

Speech is one symptom of Affection (1681)

The Ditch is dear to the Drunken man (1645)

Take all away from me, but leave me Ecstasy (1640)

Talk not to me of Summer Trees (1634)

To try to speak, and miss the way (1617)

The Things that never can come back, are several (1515)

Facts by our side are never sudden (1497)

One of the ones that Midas touched (1466)

Time’s wily Charges will not wait (1458)

I thought the Train would never come (1449)

My soul, to find them, come (1436)

We shun because we prize her Face (1429)

Art thou the thing I wanted? (1282)

And turns so weak away (1285)

Until allured away (1279)

That makes the Heart put up its Fun (1271)

I cannot see my soul but know ‘tis there (1262)

And never coming back (1260)

Longing is like the Seed (1255)

Like Brooms of Steel (1252)

A soft Sea washed around the House (1198)

A little dog that wags his tail (1185)

A Dinner for a Bee (1154)

Lest any doubt that we are glad that they were born Today (1156)


Winds of Summer Fields (1147)

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