Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Giggle Snort #3

Lindsey Babcock
Word Count: 660

The transformation of associating an
a thing
a person
in explanation instead of telling the
this inside
that between
those that are
here in the
now and not
create ideas that do not need justification.

Judgments of sentiment
and taste with the way the
is seen and perceived
through the wandering eye of a child
the hungry eye of an eagle
gossipy information of a teen
the chatter of a parrot
a heartache of someone who has passed
the angst of a turtle dove
are more than a temporal state

Once seen as one but now
apart as two
creating slimy reference
specific hatred
evocative noise with no use of
re-enchantment or purpose
going out or
coming in.
To lug an other to a some thing explains
an image to a symbol
to decipher a quest
of the left or the right
A wise man once said
“Life is what happens to
you while
you are making other plans”
And a great man once said
“There is no remedy for
love but to
love more”
Yet a punning man once said
“It is not that the man did not know
how to juggle, he just did not have the
to do it.”
The relentless
snot on a friend
squirt milk outta your nose with
serious pain in your abdomen
tears gushing out of your eyes
with rosy red cheeks and
breaking out in a bit of a sweat
does not come from a punning man.
The lingo
understanding the 4-1-1
of technical terminology
creates a sitting duck with
brown hair
blue eyes
and an imagined anvil
in the crane of a color
in the stain of one gather
in the crane of those gathered
in the stain of a color
in the crane those gather
in a stain is true color
lies the once
sitting duck.
An open walk
A walking crawl
A crawling trot
Never ending in a
Skip or
only wishing to reveal itself
in the purity of a vein.
a one-eyed black cat who cannot see with
total vision
has no problem finding its food
a dog that does not bark but
growls in
hunger and
a bird with no wings
without flight
sings its own song on its
A snake lacking muscle to hunt but
creates an alternative
Whisper Whisper
Giggle Giggle Giggle
One of the greatest bands alive
“We’re One
But we’re not the
Take the
communication disabled
Metal, plastic, icons
as a supernatural being
working their mind and memory that is
easily controlled but can abandon a
command at any
removes comfort and
enhances fear.
negative butterfly
bad tooth fairy
unhelpful watch
horrific sun
downbeat daisy
depressing candy
awful shopping spree
a green mind created to stack a straight and
narrow mark at the cutting edge of a
birthday cake.
positive demon
good prostitution
helpful death
beautiful bomb
upbeat screams
happy lies
scrumptious guts
zig zagging
twisting turning
looping pounding
to the left or the right.
Revealing the insanity of the sitting duck
dodging the two ton anvil
onto the instrument provides ease
for the gadget does not provide a
blue feeling
pink feeling or
yellow feeling
but accepts the sway.
A pulse from each bead
figures into a pool of salt
exploiting a picture of
me and
an anxious table sings a sweet surrender
to the shadows
this is a surprising act to follow when
one happens to always vanish
in the clouds
an electrifying rumble signals a
repeated plea that can only be
encountered with rusty words
no dream
no wish
no fantasy
will unlock this missing piece because
it can only be found when
it wants to be found
and this is something that is as solid to come by as
snow in Alaska
dryness in the Sahara and
sunshine in Hawaii.
The table chuckles.

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