Friday, July 25, 2008

fragments from fall 2007 journal

I walk the stupid last mile into the fog and I want to get away from the sun but thesun keeps following me like carton rain like a butllet train oh my god where am I going circles spirals figure 8s spin cycles back and forth But gods love is relentless and I didn’t wear enough sunscreen toothless buildings decrepit foot burning Any semblance long gone Nothing to hold onto Just onward and coming this way Another traveler with a plastic rage The hollars The cries the pillageing The nuclear spires The staircase Peptides Wind The dust Uggh This is sounding like the bad road And then there is the 2001 baby Ubermensch of civilization Savior space time blah blah Shake hands with the devil and smile and circling galaxies Milky ways blending with Andromeda And geese, lots of geese flying south North, no compass, the earth off its axis. ************** Journal 1040 9/1/07 Hmm today long day good day bad day it was a day, it was a daily day,daysy day, it was daylike, dayful, dayish, dayesque, okay so I went to my Weight Watcher meeting and I drop off some stuff in recycling and then am about to move my car closer to the store and what happens fucking car dies, excuse me, beloved car dies, battery. I mean I didn’t hit it, or nothing, the battery just dies, old age, I don’t think I replaced it since I bought it way back when, so I park the green hornet and go to my meeting and lose 3 pounds, ecstatic then after the meeting I call triple A, and they come give it a boost, and I drop it off at the Saturn shop for service and I walk to the coffeehouse while calling mom on the cell, then I have a coffee read the paper, and walk to the campus and everythings closed, so I walk to the rec center and gary drives by on his way and gives me a lift for the last half mile, and then I check my email like a good dog and I lift weights on the nautilus, then walk home, but I stop and get Chinese on the way ***** Two days later…. So I am now alone… it is okay to be alone At least I am not being beaten Or butt fucked with fireplace prongs,I am not being starved Or hung or fed to wolves, I am not suffering from cancers galore Or being spat on for my desire or set to fire, yet I am still not happy I want more… Booboisee Manifesto I declare this the age of stupidity We shall have no toilets We shall not eat haberdasheries Weasels are the new national flag We shall snuff out all traces of goose flesh Insert silical gel into our veins. knowledge is power and power is electricity and so I shall insert my phallus into the wallsocket blessed are the wooden angels for they shall be wet with rain interior cavities run ragged over eggshell colored landscapes come, there is sadness in the hearts of all man and that is why we must stab it with our pens okay a fluffy cloud a pony ponk bubblegum oodles across your screen. Happy now? Raze the brain of all its excess swedge tear open the neurons and bite down hard warp the circuitry you must do it yourself become stupid, stupid with longing stupid like a rocking chair up in the sky stupid as the dog days of hitler, call any vegetable and execute it radish? carrot. The carrot is ia dart headed for our brain stupidity is the new smart no need to think just do whatever you like this new hegemony shall stand forever and not fade away this is all for a weed hola me entada tel cantao en die ecke guy runneth bouve vous entre die mantenge maintenant escriben naturamente dos spedagne eh woolybooley el putemente yo soy en canto bah yada vada va me triste, un paloma son gris es amore oye conquistador un mela bare son micorsoft beaucoup tazos de gracias bebe don't you walk so fast, un flour assuage the couer, the river is the river and we are still looking for at and wondering what it is ooga booga hoy ta the come/ci comme sa of rah mmmm ohhh uhhhh yah hey ya where's the cow hey ya mooooo bebob arooni a schooni schoooni, chachacha ooh child, don't you know the sun so bright it shines all night we just need to open our eyes to see it whoosh the world turns fast must keep eyes open on the back of our heads the best lack all concupescent curds the best of times have been destroyed by a red red rose orangutains is not hard to master the wheelbarrow not taken is disaster ********* A house is a device to capture mice and hold time in a jar and let it go the cat is a mouse that just came out differently so it chases itself oh wind what you could tell us if only we would listen the dog is the moon do you agree it is blue and looks like kentucky the heart is an ass upside down doing the same function really the floor is the sun and you are standing on the universe looking around saying hey what's going on the dream is a ledge and you are standing in anticipation of despair dive into the poop and become water *********************************** The giraffe that mated with the washington monument many of you have skulls, but I have a head sack cake light you know of course this means war thump thump the book falleth to the floor and a rose opened up and said swoon swoon swoon disintegrate disintegrate die ah we will get there eventually let's take a little detour called life cakelight many of you have skulls but I have a head sack come back come back alas I didn't mean to push you away you like cake light want some? ************* the squirrels chase each other outside the big bang inside the body disintegrates sperm shots float hovering frozen firework displays and smoke that drifts every which way oh god, don't get hit by a car for christs sake damn you got to live your brain has cells you gotta evolve, you have consciousness you have language you can negotiate the monsters you can tell us to fuckoff you are squirrels I see you standing looking at me looking at you condescendingly oh nature fuck you when will you marsupials rise up and bite us on our necks and take over this god forsaken world. when will we truly become planet squirrel?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

To the grey hairs on my stubble

Reminding me that this
existence is temporary

that like those who got
old before me
I too will get old

that even if nanobots
impregnate me with
interminal youth

there will always be an
old goat inside me
that bleats and whinnies

as the world spins around
and occasionally,
I get observed by some kids
on a train ride

God forbid
they put me in a petting zoo

unless there is lots of fresh grass
to chew on

I get older
I come closer to death

I start to smell funny
I look in the mirror
preen, groom, and shave

it occurs to me
my hoofs look strange

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A summer sweatlodge

the summer sucks
the juice from my body
the bugs eat me alive
I no longer exist
I am just a pillow case

the frogs are reproducing
faster than you can say
kumquat biopsy

free radicals are running my brain
I am the god of aspertame

in this world
there are 3 people worth knowing
you yourself and everyone else

if you shake hands
be sure to grin
say hello
pat lightly on the back
then plant your tongue
in your advesary's schnocker
and go to town

this is how we do things
here in the interior regions
show your dentures
keep your eyes peeled
and levitate

and before you walk off that cliff
then smile