Friday, February 27, 2009

An American between Normal and Naperville, Illinois February 27, 2009

We’ll buy residential debt
Was a lender for a
Bit but were gonna get
Dirty buying loans
Up for 40 cents on the dollar

Merge sign

For five million we can buy fifty home loans

No u-turn sign

Joliet 57 miles

Mile 211

~~~~~~~~~~you can imagine what
This looks like in the summer
Time first option: if they take
Out the house they can sell
Current owners under
We can cut you a
new deal
~~~~~~~~~~~~third option:
Paying home owners to leave~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~give us the keys and we’ll take over
The home

Attractions exit 217
[blank sign]

Exit 217
[blank sign]

This weekend on this
American life

it must be
Good it’s the Garlic Press

Its 28 degrees in Normal at 4:29
Exit 217
Gas →
Casey’s General Store

At 3200 N livingston N
~~~~~first public performance
Of Ludwig von Beethoven’s
Once lost piece

After four hours of surgery
This husband and father
Of three died
10 years later it is still
To me that someone can
Sell handguns with out a
Background check

Federally licensed to provide background
Check on someone
Buying a gun~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Its called a FOID card~~~~~~
~criminals don’t buy guns

Beep beep beep

The fabulous 50’s
5 cents a dance

Thank you young man
You’re welcome

Smells like urinal cakes and fried shit

What happen’ to’yr truhck?
Th’ Morristwieens turned into it…
‘parently they don’t know how’t use uh turn sign’l
How much’sthaat gon’ cost ya?
‘bout fo’ thousan’ tecknikley but less iffeye brngit up norrth
He’s got a fat lip and keeps spitting in a styrofoam cup
Buying a Dr. Pepper

Most federal highway funds come from gas tax
Hasn’t gone up since 1993
How to pay for roads and bridges
Tax for diesel up 13 cents
10 cents for gasoline

But a short term solution is needed
Because of a
Rapid decline of gasoline purchases
Government will not know where
We drive
Shifting seven percent
Of peak traffic
Benefits everyone

Congress doesn’t have to solve this
Problem immediately
But perhaps by the time they
Get to it the recession
Will be over

Mile 219

Cracks in the road go faster than
Me there’s plastic bag
Flags blowing in the wind

Masters level~~~
Provide a program to do that

A lot of adults are upwardly mobile


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where to place them once you rid them

Writhing writing the page and thistle
Place the space
The the the
Misplaced the one syllables
The the the the the
fa fa fa failure
The the the the
The thumb
The thistle
Thrice the
Thistle thumbed
The the the the thrumbing
Thacked the
Fa fa fa failure
The the falls from the palate
Cleft the whole way through
To the
Two the thought
The very thought
Thought through thought
The very thought.
The the the
Fro fro frozen
Through the
Writhing writing the page and thistle

Mix ta Nanna

As/Of any Anne Plath, Ur, Sylvia
Sexton, come und. come Agin.
tis still sticky, sticking,
still jelly, gelling nn set,
sepulcher= twatch red lite, chalice
ov piss, strisms to tabernacle,
food to manu fricture hunger
while eating, een w thy eye out.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


my paper my crisp
help me identity getters
in both witch it up

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ingrips swaxist inslip
collapse wextinctyr stink to
lips exist break fasting
between the blips exit in
sheets why are lapsed
utterancing televised mimes
crying sex is tainted we exist
aint w dead words and to lip
wax is our it sex to lips
extinct life within slip
collapse to word sip and
quiver to exitence wars w
trips don’t exist yr sugar
cube treaty indefinite mr ah
rip roses deep how cold is
peace wire equipped w
morgues mister kids uttered
are dancing entrenched w
shuffled traps no exing to
extinct they lead brake fast
between bedsprings and lips
they don’t exist words
matterialist living please we
words hip we happen
quivered w wire sex is texa
static foll islip back ow wd
rips how deep shock trips
televised butterflies see no
closed circuit real wexist
wexist wessist wax collapsed
first whips then tax we
extinct when we act texas
mister kisses mr in padding
were drowning no it u devol
new people w lips to exist
take a credit plz stream into
we to exist petals to words
we sing

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lest Patsy

day is four walls that are less mine
he says believe they are
together we must own the day then
sitting in like fashion of the bored cat
windows that are too tall too reach to sky
and I’m a drop of his water
and piss after fucking
the bowl from which we drank
sleep most of my own dusk eye
drawing your animal fruit cut outs
and circling you in the licorice aura vine
of this black tongue wanderer
tomorrow at gain noon
we’ll be swimming this building’s stale air
our breath warming
the corner ceiling’s cob

Parts of the city

Here are walls built around me and it’s kind of humorous that they prevent me from being in a place where there are more walls around me.

Black jackets, white snow, gray walls, rusty tracks, flickering lights

I am a single cell

One way pathway, shop windows and subtle silent street lights

And individual particle, comporting messages down neurological pathways, hoping to chemically bond with my surroundings

With a singularly cellularly fantastic rush

When I look up I expect to see an airship jut beyond the skyscrapers

Business is conducted as usual, whatever fantastic economic baton and hand sways directs the winds and strings

Feel it breath, it’s alive

I am a single cell, feeding the teeming Breen urban arcology

Like so many others

I flux, I pluse and drain and exude

Ventricles and umbilicals, stretching out to reach souls far flung to foreign bodies.

Anything this elestatic must either snap or recoil.

I’m a peculating roundabout
A rambunctious pot of coffee
A mob mentality singularity
An urban orgasmic thrash of overcrowding
Desired despite the decay

I cannot identifty myself in the lineup officer
Too many years of imaginatively idealizing my form have left me
horribly misunderstanding myself

Timbuktu bags and bicycles in winters whiskyied death cold breaths
I hear angels singing from the fireescapes, see beautifull forests of scaffolding, canyonlands of intersections and rivers teaming with pedestrians and vicious automobiles

And then that song plays, and it all….

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


foot dents in the snowpack
all skulls all