Friday, February 27, 2009

An American between Normal and Naperville, Illinois February 27, 2009

We’ll buy residential debt
Was a lender for a
Bit but were gonna get
Dirty buying loans
Up for 40 cents on the dollar

Merge sign

For five million we can buy fifty home loans

No u-turn sign

Joliet 57 miles

Mile 211

~~~~~~~~~~you can imagine what
This looks like in the summer
Time first option: if they take
Out the house they can sell
Current owners under
We can cut you a
new deal
~~~~~~~~~~~~third option:
Paying home owners to leave~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~give us the keys and we’ll take over
The home

Attractions exit 217
[blank sign]

Exit 217
[blank sign]

This weekend on this
American life

it must be
Good it’s the Garlic Press

Its 28 degrees in Normal at 4:29
Exit 217
Gas →
Casey’s General Store

At 3200 N livingston N
~~~~~first public performance
Of Ludwig von Beethoven’s
Once lost piece

After four hours of surgery
This husband and father
Of three died
10 years later it is still
To me that someone can
Sell handguns with out a
Background check

Federally licensed to provide background
Check on someone
Buying a gun~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Its called a FOID card~~~~~~
~criminals don’t buy guns

Beep beep beep

The fabulous 50’s
5 cents a dance

Thank you young man
You’re welcome

Smells like urinal cakes and fried shit

What happen’ to’yr truhck?
Th’ Morristwieens turned into it…
‘parently they don’t know how’t use uh turn sign’l
How much’sthaat gon’ cost ya?
‘bout fo’ thousan’ tecknikley but less iffeye brngit up norrth
He’s got a fat lip and keeps spitting in a styrofoam cup
Buying a Dr. Pepper

Most federal highway funds come from gas tax
Hasn’t gone up since 1993
How to pay for roads and bridges
Tax for diesel up 13 cents
10 cents for gasoline

But a short term solution is needed
Because of a
Rapid decline of gasoline purchases
Government will not know where
We drive
Shifting seven percent
Of peak traffic
Benefits everyone

Congress doesn’t have to solve this
Problem immediately
But perhaps by the time they
Get to it the recession
Will be over

Mile 219

Cracks in the road go faster than
Me there’s plastic bag
Flags blowing in the wind

Masters level~~~
Provide a program to do that

A lot of adults are upwardly mobile


1 comment:

truth seeker said...

home loans,
forget it unless you're too poor to afford one...
gas tax is gunna go higher by the month, maybe the day,
start spittin' in yer foam cup,
chew tax goin' up too,
foam cup tax goin' up when ya
blink yer eye,
coffee tax perkin' in the pot,
they're just brewin' it in their minds for now,
zit cream tax gunna pop,
gunna make us some food tax soon,
make some taxes on the taxes,
for taxes sake,
cigarette tax gunna go real real high high high, (puff)
hey...they might start sellin' mary jane soon...if they can tax it, and you know they will,
they gunna tax everything they can
to pay for the trillion dollar debt,
how many trillion? quite a few, quite a few, (more than we know),
they're borrowin' from old China,
borrowin' from any country they can
to complete the master plan...
what's the master plan you ask?
let me think a moment,
it'll come to me.