Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ingrips swaxist inslip
collapse wextinctyr stink to
lips exist break fasting
between the blips exit in
sheets why are lapsed
utterancing televised mimes
crying sex is tainted we exist
aint w dead words and to lip
wax is our it sex to lips
extinct life within slip
collapse to word sip and
quiver to exitence wars w
trips don’t exist yr sugar
cube treaty indefinite mr ah
rip roses deep how cold is
peace wire equipped w
morgues mister kids uttered
are dancing entrenched w
shuffled traps no exing to
extinct they lead brake fast
between bedsprings and lips
they don’t exist words
matterialist living please we
words hip we happen
quivered w wire sex is texa
static foll islip back ow wd
rips how deep shock trips
televised butterflies see no
closed circuit real wexist
wexist wessist wax collapsed
first whips then tax we
extinct when we act texas
mister kisses mr in padding
were drowning no it u devol
new people w lips to exist
take a credit plz stream into
we to exist petals to words
we sing

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