Wednesday, April 15, 2009

sewer lid

revolutionary pelage vibrissae eyes external nares external auditory meatus pinna thorate abdomen the sewers nipples teats anus scrotum penis skewered dreams prepuce vaginal teenage mutations opening this is the under urethral belly opening softest clitoris spot the stabbers gravitated here upper arm paper cup big wrapper mac banana peeled cores pits styrofoam cigarette butt but burning but flattened orbit wrigley's big deed eclipse zebras forearm brachium nibble emptied from for bovers from shanked rhythm murmers clattered rubber antebrachium parliament box red box desert horses bic zip oh lucky strike me cooler win some tons additive free half burning gutter collectives seen the salt climbing scavenger tonguers khakis slate grey blue suede feaux polished vehicular hand manus two humps two words watch it elbow wrist carpus thigh shank crus food pes claws

Thursday, April 9, 2009

exploring my past


knew you always thought to be the better but now i translate walk through guides to poems play video games and know you always liked cats yr house was litter sanded and and kept our shoes on smelling not out of disrespect but because there was semen you still play video games in yr floor socks and nails reaching for ceiling peels you still play video games still mosquito poetry you tattoo mega and proto men on yr arms always my thoughts wrote you the better no I translate walk through poetry t.s. eliot for dummers e pound for dummest fascists walt whitman for dimless charles olson for drummers gertrude stein for lovers anne waldmen for lifers sylvia sylvia sylvia i smoked salvia in abandoned chaimpaign house with felix cat heard they made life video you have it the game walking guide there secrets at this stage or next you remember i was high and you low when we where history of rome and you me said i can have her there was conflict over people and our civilization would collapse if you weren't the bigger i was a boy two years later still got back to and realized the first impulse is always right first immersion right dont left it right left marrrrch you remember we drew five thousand ten peni and testes on the windows of van carter was 18 now hes dishonorably discharged i 16 m buried in letters in loam in stones graphite homes still eaten herbivore we used to the light bulbs become nights ate rold golds read fragments shards words famous amoses sun chips chocolate chips potato chips and salsa and hummus and cream cheese and whiz cheese and vinegar and ketchup corn chips pork chops mutton chops and mopped and read hipster poem shit were 16 and 17 you had a van with shit hipster stickers we were fucking it man now i write walk through for things without doorways and drawers and translate dolloped sensicles into nons am i making sentences or poems about yr story is there justice in linear things is there in lines an arched glue is there wiser with more spinnings is centrifugals in yr brain were always thought the be. thats all i really wanted say to tell to mutter glitter hey just a side step 45 degrees half perpendicularized i really wanted to tell always you i thoughted were the be--
in peace,

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


April 20, 1985

manipulate meyes

sutures can feel
sutures the sutures can
can feel these
bars this box
what is this
screech? got me tremblinged
the sutures
feel their vision
can this
screenging silent
my squiver shaped
please the
weight is hanging
my squddering shape
please the weight
hanged is breeching
drums my forehead
is that mother?
have you?
are you?

the gust through

can remove this heavy can
feel it fluorescent in
slivers from my
right scratching tissue
tearing soaked my only blankets
my head feels like
science my eyes are
theirs see
me their balding
heads see fluorescent
sliding icicles feel
the sterile this cold
suckle thing cant see
my habitat
i could be cold suttee
immolated and be less
cold storage too
empty stomachs to feed
shivering up from
cold livered
science withdrawn in
shaking even this
box is quitted cold
turkey i feel
leaving al
ive ever blind
inned these burning
hands i tremor in
what are noises
not screeching are
blankets less shivered
never know a mother
not mechanical can i
suckle your finger never
knew a dermis wasn’t
icicle never knew a
conscious not
maniacal the marionette
dancing under meyelids i
feel how its feet look
seaweed with each
tug i’m strung and
unsnip first time i’ve
seen day
light can feel
blue it
is but isn’t
of fluorescence can still
feel them free
from stage lights
now its sea
weed in green free
melting freeze can
feel your fingers the
temperature warming
the sutures
can see filthy
soiled bandages my
blankets with oxide
seeing lost
adhesion the weight
and electrical
cordage my neurotic
my company doesn’t
sing me to cringe
more can see the
sutures felt

the puppet
to tanaxpillo
to eat from