Monday, May 18, 2009

random beginnings

wood smoke slightly strong musky sweet tangling through hair mixed up cannot ever wash it out will lose the memories stars and melody solitude is born the sweet release of bitter thoughts another hour moving forward eyes burn sun scorches lips parch poetry is feeling expression get away from reverence open and embrace unknown thoughts phone blast is unwelcome focus harder blue nervous feet cool shirt relief crystal tree weeping with wishes picture smooth rocks seeing night instead stone veil covers heart gross kidney shall heal friend leathery overdone kale soup disgusting lid hooked too tight right door recovers popped beer worked to the surface soothing happiness afternoon over cell rings through coat downturned truck speckled mud bearing down yell furiously house strangely blocked turtle flew backwards pen cannot be dropped around people managing chairs spangled face mower buzzing peck asparagus torn purse celebrate nothing every time self intoxicating hatred love disguised flesh but broken mouth screaming cannot embrace shade today empty deliverance severed adhesive faith gestures to flighty attitudes artistic sailor writes blame acknowledges path empty but forgotten sister quit congress which tolls summoning tomorrow flings universal red flavor claims sky streaks over flowing orchard pear dropped flies kiss sweet burial fast landing for goose flinches loudly swing on the edge of earth chaos or mankind can hear pockets review letters gasping truth brave punch stretch standing slumber makes mistakes on blossoming teeth ear gnarls hat begs thousands to talk of proud poems towels stand lost witness dinner fogs over reduced height by lathering jam too level clocks wound dollar bills left shouts shoulder to bat blackberry born without heels shallow spectacular shyness wicked hummus perception remember the true friend interrupts talking tough island was mistaken clouds stretch over television but whispers almost started the screen melting chapped nail locked tight coping hours drain on finished yet throat clatters fingers twitch empty flame catchy obituary ten gates receptacle creaks flask needed dark water over tunnels turning paraphrasing into frogs leap and the net will let you fall favorite line creaky sonnets too much speech will read preface practice the routine aesthetic printer has technical rhythm spoon clatters from above loathing foams out calculate taste fennel sours figs sing recipes collide across the floor never ending words too tired to stop chair tips and leg catches almost over united thoughts don’t exist anymore saturday night drunken bars and too many regrets old too soon but the parties continue need to shower and give up before the sun rises storm the thread of war those in pain have not heard the truth weapons are backward and do not make sense a true solution is contradiction political stance on a pinhead wavering views and self righteous hope doesn’t make you right resolved disbelief and reactions without fight sixteen was young and voiceless say farewell to fake affection always begging for change we have not come that far from where we stood over there the tide was rising speaking the curses of time cloud of sparks only show selfish fears mindless murmurings turn the tables one day the slurs will vent conviction fields of honor cannot be free power to run and lay down with sleep pride will find strength to hide in shining darkness over and over again show me the comfort of conformity suffering to swallow the lies that refuse to be said whiteness obliterates possibilities stop the bleeding and begin to believe in potential hollow shadows cannot chase you faster than you can crawl must hide the precious dreams or someone will steal them in a sudden breath you can’t deny you are ordinary build up the remedy to keep in the cold choking breath I hope it cost you nothing to read these random thoughts

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