Tuesday, May 26, 2009


(Kelly Gibbons 736)

I like how they make tires into armour
Those clever ghouls
Nay, they are beasts,
Beasts of human evil,
Or was it cleverness?
Why are they always male?
Could the females not survive?
Are we, truly the weaker sex?
And yet I, a mere girl
Can defeat them,
Fear not, for I am good,
So good I can Fisto! you to death,
So good, I can be the black widow.
And now, I am alone
Infinitely alone.
I pay people to follow me so I won't be so lonely,
And yet here I stand,
Lonely yet not alone,
Watching the world disintegrate,
A world I wish I had known before the fall,
I used to hide,
In the shadows, the bushes,
My fear of the unknown was overwhelming,
Somehow I am vain
I see it in the color of my hair,
The fact I bother brushing it,
It is beyond fire red,
It's more maraschino.
We don't have those anymore
In fact, we don't have much of anything
Scraps of humanity
Clinging to life.
Dogs attack me,
Ants flame me,
People shoot me,
And I keep going.
What is this perverse need to survive?
Sometimes I'd like to be like the skeletons
Undisturbed, peaceful
The struggle is over for them,
We did this to ourselves,
That's what is so disgusting,
So unbelievable,
I could be in worse shape,
My skin could be falling off,
Flesh somehow rotting and living,
Living and dying,
We're back to that again.
Despite everything, I still hope
Perhaps that is the great lesson of all
No matter what, humans can hope.
Really, it's a bit disgusting,
And yet beautiful.
I return home.
How I wish I could have lived before
But there is only the after.
What everyone has to deal with
Nostalgia has nothing to do with it
Trust me.
Sometimes when I get sad I listen to zing!
Of my gun,
It cheers me up,
But then again if I am using it...
That means something is dying.
Not my fault,
Don't make this to be some ridiculous lesson
Of good and evil.
There's no dichotomy.
We are both.
I have witnessed this,
Far too many examples,
There are of course, the few who are
Really good or really bad,
But they are the oddity.
What am I?
Who am I?
Could I have been any different?
How could anyone do any more then survive?
What is impressive, is that I have a pet
I mean, are you fucking kidding me?
Humanity fell apart,
Just like the mortar,
The bricks,
The re-bar,
And yet I have a pet
My only link to what it was before.
It's a dog,
Unfailing loyal.
So predictable,
And yet we help each other,
Survive, not live.


I am the god
Of my people
I make them how I want
When I want
They do what I say
But I don't have a god complex
I just enjoy making the story
Sometimes, I make the lives like I wish I had
Sometimes, I make a mess of things, just to see
Usually though, I just do the things I want to do
Like have children
Do the best job I can to raise them
See the blending of faces,
Our so-called genes.
Sometimes, people have silly easy lives,
Other times, the people they seem to have
Hard lives, somehow no matter gets done
What even I do,
They have difficulty
This is why I am not god-like
I do not have complete control
There is so much out there
That I simply cannot do what I want
Just like life
I do have some control
I can alter mood
But they have free-will
Although...I can turn it off,
But that is creepy.
A bit too controlling.
I hate when my people are ugly
I love that they are always perfect,
Despite physical imperfections, I can hide
With makeup, clothes,
Pretending perfection.
Just like in real life,
We have to simulate,
We have to pretend,
We have to hide,
And here we are,
Person and simulation
Controller and
Perhaps its symbiotic
Certainly it cannot be parasitic
I ran out of science terms.
I don't study like I make my people do,
I feel like a ruler, not a deity
My people, ha ha
I control, to a degree perhaps
But they have a choice,
A choice


Mike Memmesheimer said...

thumbs up

i especially liked "How I wish I could have lived before
But there is only the after."

KGibbons said...

I wrote about 2 games I like to play, care to guess which ones?