Tuesday, May 26, 2009


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impress. Undress. Caress.
Arrest. Interest. Suppress.

Static electricity pulling my hair against gravity. My hair sticks straight up.
I kind of look insane, in fact. But I am not insane, I have just come in contact with static electricity.
Static electricity: –noun Electricity.
a stationary electric charge built up on an insulating material.
My hair is an insulating material, especially in the winter time. Hats are great, but you get hat hair. And really, your hair is the natural insulator, so don’t insult it.

I tend to see the brighter side of things:
Inside of an orange is never as bright as the outside, but the inside of a lime is brighter than the outside. Weird how that works. They are both citrus fruit. I see the brighter side of things.

I see the brighter side of things when the whole world is collapsing around you. Except, not in a literal sense. Because the world probably can’t collapse. I would probably have to look it up, but I am almost certain that it can not.

If only teleporting were possible. You could think about a place and magically be there. Except it wouldn’t even be “magic”, because teleportation would be a legitimate form of transportation. My car once broke down on I-55 in the middle of winter, and this is when I really wished for teleportation to be a reasonable way to get around. Seriously, think about it. I am in a boring city. All I have to do is think about a beautiful place, and there I am. I guess this couldn’t work for everybody, because prisoners need to stay in prison and not teleport elsewhere…
But ideally, we should be able to teleport. It would cut gas costs, we wouldn’t have the economic issues we have now. We would never have to worry about plane crashes. We would never have to worry about sea sickness. We would never have to worry about the elevator breaking in the middle of your ride up or down a large tower. You could be anywhere you want, when you want, however you want. And come back as you please.

Maybe regulating something like that would just be too hard.
That’s what she said.

I wonder how the fibers of paper stay together. This is an odd thought. Hold up a dollar bill, of any value. How does it stay together? Paper turns to liquid at some point when it is being processed, but when you really think about it, you can tear a dollar bill in half. But you can’t fuse it back together. It’s irreversible. You cant fix something like that. You can’t put paper together but you can take it apart… You can put dough back together into a ball after separating it if you wanted. But you can never reverse the tearing of paper. Paper is torn and it can never be repaired until it is recycled. How sad.

I guess paper makes me sad. You write on it and scribble on it when you’re bored in class and don’t want to learn how to do today’s math problems. It eventually gets thrown away and is rarely placed in a recycling bin so that it may be among other wasted paper. It is all so useless when we think about it. I am technically typing into what looks like a sheet of paper, yet it is electronic. This is the right idea. I am not much of an activist, but this could really save a lot of forests. And you don’t need to recycle. You just open up a new screen and nothing is sacrificed. Trees are sacrificed for our use. Trees are like Jesus.

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