Friday, May 22, 2009


Word Count - 665

First week of my summer class is done

I am enjoying it more than anticipated

I take notes constantly, even outside of class

I am excited for the upcoming weeks to learn more

I am eager and ready for the next poems that will be read

I never thought I would be this interested in poetry.

I was always so bored by it

I didn’t like or understand any of it

Trying to understand it frustrated me

Constant frustration worried me.

If I want to be an English teacher how can I teach my students something I don’t understand?

So many questions about the future in general and this question was another added to the mix

I am learning

New things, new ways to get creative.

Attempts of break downs of poems

Has some sort of architecture, not sure what it is. Some sort of pattern?

Lots of cataloging, lists and such.

A connection between “I” and “you”

Not just narcissism

Maybe, a reference to life, how it begins, phases of life.

What to understand life, things in life?

Fundamental energy of the universe is all good.

Union and intimate understanding between people is not bad.

Trying to list the bad, the good, and the attitudes towards it al.

Thought of all men of all ages.

Contradictions, left and right.

“Spazzing out with holy love” – Gabe

Full of compassion.

Katabasis. Journey into the underworld.

Shock factor – strong now, stronger then.

Memento Mori – Remember death.

Heuristic Language

Multiple meanings

Inspires more questions seeking ideas

Equality comes out once again

A flower’s face

Source of respect, someone to run to.

Dark and dramatic – Melodramatic language

Family oriented

A war protest?

Not just school lessons

Great to live in this age.

He doesn’t want to stop talking.

The perfect judge

Jingoism – Rush Limbaugh

General Impressions?

Although it is anonymous, you can tell it is him.

Really odd, almost way off topic.

Sort of broad, chose to do the most boring sections.

Makes a fundamental, ethical argument. Pragmatic Kosmophelia – General love of the world.

Remake and Re-enchant the world.

Limited knowledge quantity

Not just weird, being practical, ethical, and useful.

Specific and referential.

Writing as meditation.

Programs in computers.

What you see is what you get.

Saying things that are metaphorically weird.

Illogical and unpredictable.

Needs to be logical and surprising.

We’re weird to think in metaphors

We cant help ourselves but to think in metaphors.

Carries something, and idea.

From one place to another.


Buzz – a noise an insect makes. A feeling of intoxication.

2 concepts.

Red aloud – you can hear the rhythm.

You still don’t understand it.

The author is not in control of the meaning, we are.

Not just fooling around. Wants the message to be heard. Wants to say things purposefully.

Loving and being in this place.

Response writing – selection and fusing.

Where have the uniforms unraveled in lips?

Maybe a man kissing a woman while in uniform.

“Kissing the war goodbye”

I’m the skull in the passing twister.

“There’s lots of crap in twisters” – Gabe

The mockingbird dreams of it’s wing like daggers

I bury the circuits that fills small circles of earth with more pins.

Around or by words.

Thing that are.

Characteristics that are.

Surrounding and consuming.

Full in words and stories everywhere.

An awkward moment takes over.

Why so strange? And so bold. What has caused this?

The list flickers on and off.

So noticeable in the darkeness.

Frustration, once again.

I love the new habitat, it is better and enjoyable.

But it is still frustration nonetheless.

A good morning kiss at 6:57 AM

I do not want to be awake, But his presence makes me incredibly happy.


That emotion taking over my negative ones, once again.

His words echo, “I’m so lucky!”

He plays with my hair, it all disappears.

The middle of the night

I roll over and he cuddles a blanket.

The little things leave me content. 

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