Friday, May 22, 2009

no creative title coming to mind


it pressures every rib to collapse
takes me in
and needs me home
home when I’m turning twenty and supposed to be an adult
and I throw the comforter off from my nestling place on that couch
run back home

as soon as I hit Weber
it lets loose a strained breath

I should like it at school
and you know I do
but not just enough to leave that comfort
I swear to you its genuine

genuine is not where "friends" come down assume that you can go out on a Tuesday night cause you're turning twenty tomorrow...yaa the 21st is Thursday guys, wrong day

you know I’m decently tough
just easily aggravated
like when your parents are so thrilled your home one second but then insist on discussing financial matters....give me a break, I get it. I swear I really get it.

I don't
I don’t get how someone can shit their pants
Stephanie just told me about this kid, but its okay cause he’s a funny guy
But really he shit his pants

Behind a bush
I have something really embarrassing to say
I may or may not have just shit my pants
Oozing down his left inner leg and he really shit his pants

The school nurse needs
A pass
A teacher’s note

“I shit my pants”

Ohhhh, this happens all the time she replies

How do high schoolers shit their pants on a trip to dairy gueen?
Squat behind a bush or behind a house
Come on guys, at least pretend like you’re classy

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