Tuesday, May 26, 2009

He is Everywhere

Word Count ( 672 )
Take a look up. Take a look around you. Take a look at your neighbor. He is your neighbor. Take a look at your living room. He is sitting on the couch with you.
Grandpa Walter passed away a few years ago. He is with Him too.
He gives you your dreams when you sleep at night.
I look up at the sky and I see him peaking through the clouds. He is the sun setting. The magenta rays bursting out to reach me. This is the silver lining in my day.
Frumpy, bitter old lady. She complains a lot. Cats run away from her house. No one talks to her. They look the other way. Why is she so miserable? HE is testing you. Will you cuss her out? Roll your eyes? Or kill her with your kindness?
I see a beggar. I am driving down the expressway and I get off on the Ashland exit going on i55 North. His clothes are torn. The holes in his clothing allow me to see the burns on his flesh. Mud on his pants. No shoes. Holding a sign… “Will work for money” “Have not eaten in 13 days” How did you learn how to spell? This guy will just buy booze with it. WRONG. He is testing you again. The man was harmless.
Adoption. A chance at life. He is the adopted child and He is the family who took him in. Is the child better off… not knowing his biological parents? He is the biological parents.
He is the book that changed your life. He is the author, He is the message. He has inspired. What till you do with that knowledge? It is not about how much you know… it is what you will DO with what you know.
He is your teacher. He did not teach you all the Presidents of the United States of America, He taught you the skills to FIND that information. He invoked your literacy. You read. You write. You listen. You comprehend. You analyze. You speak. You do this well. And HE gave it to you.
He is the car you drive to work every day. Transportation. You are very lucky that you do not have to walk eight miles to work every day. Our ancestors did. He is with our ancestors. You are also lucky you have a job to drive to.
He is your boss at work. He calls you out when you are wrong. You need to know when you are wrong. You are not ALL KNOWING. Only He is.
He is the actor in your favorite television show. He has gone a long way and you idolize him.
HE is the pet you always wanted as a child. You asked your mom and dad every day for that puppy. You sold lemonade to raise money for that puppy. You wanted that puppy more than anything else when you were ten years old.
The fruit basket on your kitchen table, healthy, nutritious, and sweet.
He is your little niece of nephew. A new baby, a new life.
He is the obese person you made fun of yesterday. Again. He is testing you. Apparently you failed yesterday.
He is your transcript. How hard have you been working this semester?
He is your picture scrap book, your memories, all the good times.
He is the clock in your living room. Time… Eternity.
He is the remote control. This small device, a single unit of technology hold much much power… yet YOU control what it does. Change the channel. Turn up the volume. Turn the DVD player on.
HE is a blanket. Sometimes you want to hide from the world. That’s ok. You can still turn to Him.
He is a mirror. Take a look at the person looking back at you. Are you happy with who you see. You can still change this. You have that control.
Appreciate it. Acknowledge it.

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