Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Word Count = 644
Love is a connection. Its pas the physical and goes beyond what one can phantom. It’s kind, sweet, giving, compromising and just. Love is amazing. You feel it in your heart and soul. When you have love you never want to let it go. Love isn’t demanding, jealous or aggressive. Lust is sexual and emotional and only happens after the physical. Someone once told me don’t get love confused with lust because it’s a thin line. I thought it was a thin line between love and hate not love and lust. Love is forever. Lust is temporary. It can be confusing because people use it so easily. The first time I heard those three words is from my family then my so called true love. “So called” definitely know now that was just fascination. Love a word that comes and goes. People say it often but do they really know what it means to really love somebody. Part of a song. Love is tossed around so much. Is there really a meaning or is it just something you feel? Or is that just lust. Sometimes it feels as if it’s love, but how can one be really sure. Is there a guide book that explains it all? Love conquers all. Really? I don’t think so.
Pokadots are they really just spots. Kind of if you think about it. I see pokadots all around different colors but the same shape. The wind howling in the background blowing things around. Feet up high above the ground. So confused as to the point of things. Love, Life, Live. It’s annoying to keep talking about it but this defines life to me. It is forever in my thoughts. When will it all make sense? Maybe when I get myself together. So ready to move on and work on me. Wind howling, things changing. Call me crazy but I sometimes think I’m an inconvenience. Crave attention. I don’t want to be. I just want to stand on my own two feet. I know everyone needs help at some point but I’m always the victim. My life is always so bad. It’s just getting sad now. Time to stop complaining about what I want to get accomplished and make shit happen. Need to get my shit together, seriously. It’s not everyone else issue with me; it’s just me who has an issue with me. Why do I think I’m such an inconvenience? I’m worthy of people helping me. So sad and angry at myself about not doing anything. I need to get it all together. It’s time to grow the fuck up. So dramatic, always making situations more than what they are. Idiot. The winds stop howling and my life is on a steady track. Creating words suck. I feel like l got it all out the first time. Structure. I need that something to talk about. Something to love that’s what I crave. I need attention I am the middle child. I need that to survive. Someone who can focus on me at all times. Please. True. Yeah right so hard to find. People lie so much it’s a waste of time. “May the buyer beware.” May my lover beware I come with some baggage. From the previous guy who previously wasn’t shit. Learned a lesson from it all. In life you have bad situation that you can cry about or live with. Don’t we all though. My hair is so messed up. Need to figure out what to do. Birthdays are important. Will this memorable? Thinking about my future can’t wait to become who I’m supposed to be. Almost doesn’t count. So true but have to get a few things together. Have to get a few situations together so I can get my life together. Will I ever get my life together? Scared to find out the answer.

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