Friday, May 29, 2009

Emily Cento

Kelly Bates
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Emily Dickinson Cento
Let’s hope this turns out adequately

The duties of the Wind are few (1137)
Is but a filament, I know, (673)
If just as soon as Breath is out (577)
And ride away (1186)

On that low Plain (1289)
With Midnight to the North of her— (721)
Is left—the Immortality—(1365)
Beyond my Boundary— (881)
There is a finished feeling (856)
Of His Authority— (724)

Nature knows as well (1139)
Each Second is the last (879)
A mighty look runs round the World (575)

Why, I will lend until just then (134)
The Apple on the Tree (239)
And lily tubes—like Wells (247)
Until Death touches it (491)
With half a smile, and half a spurn, (511)

The Robin is the One (828)
Of the Seasons and the Sun (839)
To own the Art within the Soul (855)
Distinguished for the gravity (892)

Of Indigo and Brown— (1465)
Would scarcely cause one to suspect (1058)
The first Day’s Night had come— (410)
True, like the Tomb (408)

Invigorated, waded (1211)
He is new and high— (1213)
Now that she was gone— (1219)
The spirit never shows. (1225)

And drew away (1237)
Assuredly will lie (1246)
In any forest stirred (1259)
Confronting us again! (1274)

In this short life (1287)
Go slow, my soul, to feed thyself (1297)
Recollect the Face of me (1305)
That she could not forgive (1321)

A wave of Gold— (204)
Is it always pleasant—there— (215)
Teasing the want— (253)
Then, I am ready to go! (279)

Better to be ready— (373)
Where be the Haze— (386)
A horror so refined (401)
Not all the Snows could make it white (411)

From every Human Heart (911)
I asked Humility (1502)
And while by standing on my Heart (1507)
I envy Light—that wakes Him— (498)
His own was ampler—but as I (308)
Sweet plea— (200)

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