Friday, May 29, 2009

Dickinson Cento

Word Count:

These are the days when skies resume (130)
How many cups the Bee partakes (128)
What all the world suspect? (129)

Endow the living- with the Tears (521)
Riding to meet the Earl (665)
It multiplied indifference (519)

No notice gave she, but a change (804)
Maimed—Was I – Yet not by Venture (925)
How the waters closed above Him (923)

Pain has but one Acquaintance (1049)
Entitled “Memory” (1273)
I take thee by the hand (1275)

The Spider holds a Silver Ball (605)
It was a gentle price (602)
I’m hardly justified (403)

I held a jewel in my fingers (245)
Blood of His Blood (246)
Yet eloquent declare (97)

Such trust had one among us (43)
When I con the people (40)
Reminded me of mine (510)

The Brain – is wider than the sky (632)
Bereaved of all, I went abroad (784)
To fill the awful vacuum (786)

A Man may make a Remark (952)
That Nought be lost (954)
Perish with him – that Keyless Rhyme! (503)

Say, Jesus Christ of Nazareth (502)
Was God so economical? (690)
Would you like summer? Taste of ours. (691)

The Dusk kept dropping – dropping – still (692)
And the Sun – go on (714)
More distant in an instant (981)

This season of the year (980)
It is to be the saved (1347)
As Summer into Autumn slips (1346)

Life it – with the Feathers (1348)
I groped him before I knew (1555)
Knew where they went (1551)

I’ll begin to sew (617)
As if my Soul were deaf and dumb (577)
But dropped like Adamant (519)

I’ll tell you how the Sun rose (318)
Hid golden, for the whole of Days (321)
Some, too fragile for winter winds (141)

The wolf came peering curious (9)
Upon the hill – that lies (11)
Where every bird is bold to go (1758)

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