Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Word Count: 662

Eww, meatloaf cupcake.
I'd lose my head if it wasn't screwed on to my head, what?
A tie with a polo? That's against the law!
Green toenails, flip flop scars, brown flowery dress.
I think she had a cousin named Lula Bell. Homework is harder the second time around.

They de-skunkitize them. They take the stinker out.
I thought my sister was a raccoon and I tried to kill her after I petted her head with my toes. I don't know how her head ended up at the foot of my bed.

As a Christian and as an English major, I am offended and disgusted by the use of swear words in place of intelligent conversation. I have never spoken a word worse than "crap" and I do not find it difficult to keep up a stream of conversation without such vile utterances. Speech needs not to be impure. Students in the English major are as susceptible as any, and I find that fact to be quite saddening. We lose the beauty of the language when f&@# is used as every part of speech to the detriment of all other words. If it cannot be completely removed from everyday discourse, at least we need to widen our vocabulary. There are much better four-letter words. I shall end my rant with a brief list of examples:

Roberto Harrison Magnetic Aisles
A perfect, but disconnected husband finds a path away from his monotonous life. "i" is the wife trying to bring him back when his addiction becomes suicidal. She wants him to know that she will always be there and she has always known. He doesn't have to pretend. It's a sad love story written to be interpreted in many ways.

John Keats "negative capability" what you're making at the moment makes no sense. To thrive in the lack of the predictable. Enjoy the not knowing. (Good, because I have no idea what's going on.) If you try to explain "the" to Polish people it takes 19 pages.
It's so confusing. Putting aside how monotonous the whole book was to me. I don't really get it, but that's okay. I think I've seen monkeys out of the corner of my eye sometimes. Does he mean he's going to collect a few iguanas for his lettuce patch? How is that insulting, it's just weird. And which cheeks is he talking about?
I am the hound of a smell with no hair for the count.
Pyramis and Thisbe
It's not like you have to grow a new arm or anything. Cause there are people who eat babies. We re-program their brains.
I am not like an ear that rains tigers in soup
or Cheeto dust in the corner of the sky.
A curtain rod is a mechanism, not an animal.

The rain is ice on the soles of my feet, making me recognize the distance.
The lava turns unexpectedly soft as it offers relief from the walk.
Hours go by in the waiting for pain.
It comes when my feet turn to pine cones.
(If I were to explain those four lines they would make perfect sense. Maybe that's what would happen with Harrison's work. Maybe it comes from personal experience and he's just really creative about telling stories.)

Bricks and koalas. The Jablonskis now have bees. Thomas already got stung. A panda landed on my chocolate. Run, nacho, run! I'm a cheater. Haha. Gazebo is the best word in the English language (according to Travis). It must be due to his experiences with the gazebo at church camp. I dreamed we had three kids. I'm not sure how they ended up blonde when the parents are a brunette and a redhead. Then I dreamed that I got Peter Furler's signature tattooed onto my back where he signed my skin.


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