Friday, May 29, 2009

My Centos of Emily Dickinson

word count: 1,043

Some sailor, skirting foreign shores- (160)
But just the miles of Stare- (243)
And then- a Day as huge (410)
My Plane- and I, together wrought (488)
Meet- and the Junction be Eternity (622)

It was too late for Man- (623)
Was dying as He thought- or different- (622)
Death is potential to that Man ((548)
I never lived- Enough- (549)
Said Death to Passion (1033)
That such have lived (1030)
Upon the hills Today- (1105)
When the Judged, (1671)
On Angels- squandering for you (1102)
To light, and then return- (1103)
Than from Eternity. (1668)

The low Grass loaded with Dew (1104)
On the Hill- (331)
With only Butterflies to brood (333)
They hurried all around- (328)

Summer we all have seen, (1386)
Take all away (1365)
Take all away from me (1640)
The brain is wider than the sky, (632)
The farthest thunder that I heard, (1581)
The fingers of the light, (1000)
His small Umbrella quaintly halved (1575)
To warm the Sun- (1135)
Haply- your summer night to Charm- (238)
The smouldering embers blush- (1132)
A Color stands abroad (812 )
Lest skies impeach a wealth so wonderful (427)
Its far- far Treasure to surmise- (299)
There- Paradise- is found! (239)

His little Spaniel- Tell Him! (236)
Things are not what they are- (1451)
And I rejoin my Dog, (500)
The happiness atone- (1449)

That is he- (1454)
A Counterfeit- a Plated Person- (1453)
Sank this Beggar form the Sky- (760)
“Twas murder by degrees- (762)
For arrogance of them- (290)
Poor little heart! (192)
Give gently to the dead- (145)
Too sound asleep did lie- (146)
Another Massacre before (1529)
Today or this noon (1702)
To do a magnanimous thing (1699)
And this of ours must die. (1703)

Oh honey of an hour, (1734)
Peace is a fiction of our faith, (912)
Now I lay thee down to sleep, (1539)
Over and over, like a tune, (367)
Patience has a quiet outer, (926)
Oh, what a grace is this, (1615)
Quite empty, quite at rest, (1606)
She’s happy, with a new content, (535)
Far from love the Heavenly Father, (1021)
From the heavelnly clause- (1357)
Come slowly, Eden, (211)
Could I do more for thee (447)
“Faithful to the end” Amended (1357)

Some rainbow coming from the fair, (64)
Pink- small- and punctual- (1332)
“Red Sea” indeed! Talk not to me, (1642)
The Yellow Man (1032)
A Sphere of simple Green- (333)
With the Blue Birds buccaneering (1213)
Purple is fashionable twice, (980)

Fame’s boys and girls, who never die, (1066)
Is wholesome even for the King, (1333)
Whether they have forgotton (1329)
That bells should ring till all should know (047)
Fame of myself, to justify, (713)
Let me not spill- it’s smallest cadence- (503)
The power to be true to You (464)

But since we got a Bomb- (443)
When Men so brave- are dead- (444)
“Tis One by One- the Father counts- 545)
That Such have died enable Us (1030)
Was forfeited away- (1211)
Bold it were to die (1213)
Grant God, he charge the bravest (147)
But Memory like Melody (1578)
“Twere useless tell (1746)
That it will never come again (1741)
Is authorized as peace (1745)

On his British sky- (1213)
We introduce ourselves (1214)
The event was directly behind Him (1686)
So intimate have we become (1742)
And lay the marble tea (1743)

The most important population (1746)
No prisoner be, (720)
Nobody knows this little rose, (35)
No other can reduce (920)

“Tis so much joy! “Tis so much joy, (172)
To be alive is power, (677)
This is my letter to the World (441)
As Women- do- their Gown- (342)
And get the Dimples ready- (347)
And see the People- going by- (345)
And the Old Clock kept neighing “Day”! (237)
A Hint of Ports and Peoples- (719)
The Cruel-smiling- bowing World- (717)
Where Liberty- (720)
Where go we- (1417)
How Human Nature dotes (1417)

Correcting errors of the sky (1418)
There strayed an accidental Red (1419)
Till the Day its Weary Keeper (704)
It stop upon a Spot (1298)

Of Life to own- (1294)
Eternity will be (1295)
The Life that tied too tight escapes (1535)
A stealing that is not a stealth (1536)
Ecstatically leap (1532)
Let go, then, Overcome- (414)
And stir all day to pretty tunes (333)
Out upon the Bay (52)

Master, It was I- (720)
Not what We did, shall be the test (823)
To Two- not any more-
Two Dawns upon a single Morn, (1610)
Ah! Pit! With Heaven over it! (1712)
That clarifies the sight (1714)

A Lady white, within the Field (74)
Her ghost strolled softly o’er the hill (75)
A Territory for the Ghosts- (892)
The Soul cannot be rid- (894)
Tabernacle or Tomb- (893)
The things that Death will buy, (152)
Would you be the fool to stay? (316)

If Love be just beyond- (781)
And I stood up- and lived- (598)
Befalling not my simple Days- (424)
Say “When tomorrow comes this way- (426)
Look back on time with friendly eyes, ( 1478)
“Why do I love” You, Sir? (480)
Because- (472)
I had no time to Hate- (478)

Many a phrase has the English language, (276)
“Morning” means “milking” to the farmer, (300)
To try to speak and miss the way, (1617)
Of a delivered syllable (1409)
Your thoughts don’t have words every day (1452)
But those the silent feel (1750)
What would we- do? (267)
Without a listener? (1748)

Night after Night (266)
The Moon was but a Chin of Gold (737)
Good Morning- Midnight- (425)
So royally intoxicate (383)

When Sense from Spirit- files away- (664)
Tell that the Worst, is easy in a Moment- (358)
Then we hide our brave face (196)
Each- its difficult Ideal (750)
Yet blame the Fate that flung it- less (747)
The Morning after Woe- (364)
Best Things dwell out of Sight (998)
This way, I keep from missing (996)
But never touch the reservoir- (1294)
The Lands we thought that we should seek (1293)
The Heaven, in which we hoped to pause (1293)
With Pinions of Disdain (1431)

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