Friday, May 29, 2009

Conquer Mortality (817)

Word Count: 646

This, is the silent end (913)
Of Expectation--also-- (499)
Of the Ones that pursued it (1344)
In Their Eternal Faces (757)
Were I with thee (249)
So stately they ascend (700)
Upon Enchanted Ground (1118)

There is another Loneliness (1116)
Within the Clutch of Thought (532)
Had it for me a Morn (323)
Parting with Thee reluctantly (1614)
Then Loneliness--looks so-- (590)
Pathetic from the Grass (1068)
And should sound--to me-- (227)
When men and women hear (1724)
Anecdotes of air in Dungeons (119)

I'm old enough, today, I'm certain--then-- (296)
Sweeter than a vanished frolic (65)
To re-endure a Day (660)
Remember it can cease (1196)

An honest Tear (1192)
Wrung me--with Anguish-- (497)
Her tongue more tender than the tune (1722)
Than Life's sweet Calculations (735)
'Tis customary as we part (440)
Amid no bells nor bravoes (93)
The wave with eye so pensive, looketh to see the moon, (1)
And just as tenderly (164)
Cannot resist (1344)
A merciful Mirage (859)
To witness her Goodbye (119)

How lonesome the Wind must feel Nights-- (1418)
When Winds take Forests in their Paws (315)
Two Dawns upon a single morn (1610)
The Moon upon her fluent Route (1528)
When sunrise through a fissure drop (858)
The Grass so little has to do (333)
Till ranks of seeds their witness bear-- (130)
To be a Flower, is profound (1058)
Lest Gratitude revive the snake (1500)
The first--a Gnat's Horizon (372)
At night's delicious close (1764)
Globe Roses--break their satin flake-- (339)
South Winds jostle them-- (86)
The unsuspecting Trees (41)
And rumbles still, though torrid Noons (1581)
Departed with the Torment (1196)

Thine eyes are sadly blinded, but yet thou mayest see (1)
Embarrassment of one another (662)
Turn on Me--when I fail--or feign, (722)
I am alive--because (470)
I was regarded then (1560)
And then I looked at Them (542)
Too tender, to be told. (1065)

Brave--shines the sun through the freckled pane-- (187)
And every Breeze that run along (1374)
Afar upon the Wind (774)
Unconsciousness of Perfectness (1002)
Even Nature herself (1344)
At Morning, in a Truffled Hut (1298)
Forever--is composed of Nows-- (624)
A Light exists in Spring (812)
I am ashamed--I hide-- (473)
On such a dawn, or such a dawn-- (146)
Within its reach, though yet ungrasped (1430)

Take all away from me, but leave me Ecstasy, (1640)
Too happy Time dissolves itself (1774)
The Lily passes sure-- (392)
He traverses--familiar-- (371)
upon a festal day, (56)
This was the road (9)
In her imperial round (58)

Tell Him--I only said the Syntax-- (494)
To interrupt His Yellow Plan (591)
Because that Death is final, (1260)
Majestic is to me beyond (1691)
The earth has many keys. (1775)

Christ--stooped until He touched the Grave-- (833)
Said Passion, through contracting Breaths (1033)
Except for Angels--lone. (154)
Ourselves are conscious He exist-- (630)
Ambition cannot find him. (68)
Nor can you tell me-- (65)
This was but a story-- (39)
In Villages remotely set (1202)
And an entire universe (1198)
For Evidence it be the Grace-- (968)
The Grace that I--was chose-- (356)
One Life of so much Consequence! (270)
Say, Jesus Christ of Nazareth-- (502)
Is this--the way? (1072)

Nature and God--I neither knew (835)
I touched the Universe-- (378)
A little Snow was here and there (1444)
White as Indian Pipe (1250)
I know a place where Summer strives (337)
The Ocean's Heart too smooth--too blue-- (723)
Not so arrogant--this Noon-- (758)
Her Providence--the Sun-- (380)
Comes up to face the skies, (1718)
The Sunset stopped on Cottages (950)
Beauty is nature's fact (1775)
Her final Summer was it-- (795)
God made no act without a cause, (1163)
This World is not Conclusion. (501)


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