Friday, May 22, 2009

Let's Play

Let’s PLaY
Word count (638)
May 22, 2009
Childhood. Random thoughts go through my head.
Premises to solve. Fictional. Fictitious. False and imaginary. Premises to solve.
Inspired by the genius and brilliance of Edson.
I am FOUR.
The remote control declared friendship with the frog. It wanted to play… lonely buttons of utter important disintegrating my orange jello. The frog was not happy about this. He really enjoyed eating the orange jello with me .
The bison climbed my couch.
The soldier approved my foolish jacket.
The mouse abducted a fairy. He was also seeking a friend. The fairy was a very wise critter that accompanied his prepossessing ways.
The gypsy flew with a boomerang. She envied the witch on television flying over the town on her broomstick. Boomerang. Yeah that will do. The gypsy loved it.
The buttermilk cosmetics cried for the souwer.
The promiscuous grass defended the crackers. The animal crackers. The elephant, the monkeys, the orangutans, giraffes, the circus and maybe even the zoo.
The lime feather marched to the cow. It wasn’t the color of a lime. But the flavor of a lime.
The goose’s bladder asked for some cheese. Not cheddar, American, provolone, jack, pepper jack, swiss, or mozzarella. He asked for some string cheese. In cubes please.
The toilet requested a manicure. Fancy fancy fancy.
I am FIVE.
The joker picked up a doily. Mother will not be happy. My cup has now left rings around the table.
The barbeque sauce glimmered with cinnamon flavored forests.
The dolphin wore cashmere flip flops and played bagpipes. It was a talented dolphin that also sang songs to me. HE knew show tunes as well as Mother goose rhymes. My favorite was the one about the ants.
The dandelion vomited a dime. Then some pennies and nickels. I would have enjoyed some quarters.
The brick cuddled with me and my imaginary friend.
The lake bluffed to the crows.
The balcony’s discomfort adapted lamps.
The lion’s diagnosed the kites with hyperactivity.
The hammer imagined the crumbs and wiped his butt with a leaf.
I am SIX
The candle stick declared a circus.
The mustard filled the cigarette.
The envelope sang with the crickets.
The goat danced in camouflage
The cliff approved the fly.
The clown gambled away the bandages.
The electricity escaped the ingredients.
The elephant cautioned to the ants.
The promiscuous cattle went to the airport.
Oh the places our minds can wander at a young age.
Premises to solve. Fictional. Fictitious. False and imaginary. Premises to solve.
Attendance. A call and repeat poem. I love this. We do this everyday.
Blissfully happy. Something to think about.
“He” is a great kisser… I guess I’ve always known. But my head took more than enough control for my own good.
He kisses slowly…
He pulls you in…
He kisses for the moment... I used to think that it was all about the moment. The perfect moment. And by all means, it IS most definitely about the moment. But I learned something. It’s about more than that.
The moment might tie your stomach into a knot, or give you a shiver…
But the next day is what you need to know…
Everything you need to know…
When you wake up thinking about that kiss and think about it on your way to work and before you go to sleep. And the next day and then the next. That’s when you know it was a good kiss. When it affects you a week later… A month later… You’ve gotten that kiss out of your head, but not him.
He’s here to stay.


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