Tuesday, May 26, 2009

lure of the sea -630 words

I open my soul and connect with the beckoning muse
Poetry sings
The songs that tell of rippling rains
Red wine travels in rivulets,
Sailing through a grove
The cross stretched wide my limbs
Every wound is a journey
Every return a welcome friend
To ecstatic gods
Topping glasses, to celebrate, the remains
Or is it now the beginning

I recreate the master’s touch, the embrace
Suddenly I’m standing and listening
I translate the sighing of the grass
To be speaking with reassurance
Whispering a welcome
The memory of what will be

I tip downward out of position, the mapped out world
Is swirling beneath my wings
The mountains scorn and scrabble
To hungrily lick the remains
Breath of ash
The divide of that most open refrain

The last on the field use weapons of stars,
In the endless reverse of the strange
An overture of the pass
In any game made for the winning
For the sense of fools to ponder fouls
That plies a disaster of comments
Shouting curses

It is clear that those one to-one have words in hand
What they have stolen, is the connection
The blood loss persists
Where the pain has refused to surrender
When the revolving ceases, when the shirt is regained
When the ten instruments were not blamed
There is soul in the friction of the gasp of the facade

In the shadow of gain, the jigs and reels enthrall
Drawing in friends and discarding lovers

An orange that peels too close to the ground
Winding trails of scented flesh
That unweaves from the forgiving
Quarters of sustenance
The worm feeds
That the unwavering almost gives up
Or gives in
Not that anyone sees

A flicker of heat pulls me in
The safest road retreats
This onward ribbon will labyrinth
Trapping me with deception, an illusion of end
My hands melt
I am lost in the circuits
I am free of fear
I dissolve in these wheels
Gone I will be

I believe
That the safest cut is to a stem
Lifting the face free
From a tangle of thorns
That painful crown
The painted rose wakes
In the cool submersion

Fortress of charm
Stolen luck and smoky mirrors
Enchanting towers lure the unbelievers
Silken chants and mysterious kisses
The crooked smile tastes of chocolate
A cocoa concoction of cinnamon, coffee and hazelnut
My senses drugged I surrender into his spell
Drowning in the other world
I believe

Laughter touches my hand
A cold relief from siesta
A lake of sweat
Nightmares swarm
I focus on the battle
It is in me
Against the fossils
A landscape of canyons
Filtering snow in the tracks of the desert
The dust shines through refraction
The eyes of cicadas peer though willow boughs
The nervous lemon spinning under glass
Visions press fingertips to my eyelids
Darkening shadows separate
Into giant figures that stride at me
Through stitches of honey
Glossy curve of a tree
Turquoise shelters the tortoise
The promise of dancing fish
Makes me tremble
My ears are flooding
The rest will take shape with the wind’s caress

The saltwater stings then the pain is vanished
A tug of sand from beneath my feet
Burrow for a crab
Nothing begins
Nothing true is intended
Nothing runs into the sun
Nothing bleeds into the sea
Nothing files remorse
Nothing is liberated
Nothing blinks in the glow
Nothing wakes in the revolving tide
Nothing remains of the false web
Nothing mars the polish of the sea
Nothing interrupts the time
Nothing revolves
Nothing weaves through the bubbling surface
Nothing paces underwater
Nothing wakes with intent
Nothing betrays the war of falling
Nothing remembers
Nothing tugs with deception
Nothing gets new again
Nothing loves to refuse
Nothing removes the line in the sand
Nothing remains

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