Friday, May 29, 2009

Emily Dickinson Cento



To see the summer sky, 1472

To tell the beauty would decrease, 1700

To the bright east she flies, 1573

To their apartment deep, 1701

To this world she returned, 830

To try to speak and miss the way, 1617

To undertake is to acheive, 1070

To venerate the simple days, 57

To wait an hour is long, 781

To whom the mornings stand for nights, 1095

Today or this noon, 1702

“Tomorrow” -- whose location, 1367

My Savior, My God

God is a distant, stately lover, 357

God is indeed a jealous God, 1719

God made a little gentian, 442

God made no act without a cause, 1163

God permits industrious angels, 231

Going to heaven, 79

Going to Him! 494

Good morning, midnight, 425

Good night, because we must, 114

Good night! Which put the candle out, 259

Life Cycle

[How soft a caterpillar steps, 1498]

“Caterpillar in the tree, how you wonder who you’ll be 

[How soft this prison is, 1498]

you cant go far but you can always dream.

[Cacoon above! Cacoon below! 129]

Dont, you worry hold on tight.

I promise soon, that there will come a day.

[From cacoon forth a butterfly 354]

Butterfly, fly away.”


“I must open my hands and watch you rise. 

Spread your wings and fly.


[Morning is due to all, 1577]

[Dew is freshest in the grass, 1097]

[Had I known that the first was the last, 1720]

[Had I not seen the sun, 1233]

[Had I not this, or this, I said 904]

[Had I presumed to hope. 522]

[Had this one day not been, 1253]

[Had we known the ton she bore, 1124]

[Had we our senses, 1284]

We could have saved her. 

[Death sets a thing significant, 360]

[Death warrents are supposed to be, 1375]

[Deaths waylaying not the sharpest, 1296]

[Death is a dialogue, 976]

[Death is like the insect, 1716]

[Death is a supple suitor, 1445]

[Death is potential to that man, 548]

[Death leaves us homesick, 935]

Death, was her fate.

[How far is it to heaven, 929]

[How firm eternity must look, 1499]

She prayed.

[“Faith” is a fine intervention, 185]

[Faith is a pierless bridge]

She drowned. 

[Heavenly Father, take to thee, 1461]

[Come slowly Eden, 185]

[Heaven has different signs to me, 1575]

[Heaven, is so far of the mind, 370]

[Heaven is what I cannot not reach, 239]

[Except the heaven, had come so near, 472]

[Except to heaven, she is nought. 154]

[I went to heaven, 374.]


Her breast is fit for pearls, 84

His bill an auger is, 1034

Her face was in a bed of hair, 1722

His bill clasped, his eye forsook, 1102

Her final summer was it, 795

His cheek is his biographer, 1460

Her losses make our gains ashamed, 1562

His feet are shod with gauze, 916

Her smile shaped like ohter smiles, 514

His heart was darker than the starless night, 1378

Her spirit rose to such a height, 1486

His little hearse like figure, 1522

Her grace is all she has, 810

His mansion in the pool, 1379

Her sovereign people, 1139

His mind like fabrics of the east, 1446

Her sweet weight on my heart at night, 518

His mind of a man a secret makes, 1663

Her little parasol to lift, 1038

His oriental heresies, 1526

Her last poems, 312

His voice decrepit was with joy, 1476


I am afraid to own a body, 1090

I am ashamed, I hide, 473

I am alive I guess, 470

I asked no other thing, 621.

I came to buy a smile today, 223

I cannot buy it, tis not sold, 840

I bring an unaccustomed wine, 132

I could not drink it, sweet. 818.

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