Friday, May 22, 2009


(Word Count= 631)
One chapter closes another begins. College years gone. So fast. Figuring the right path. Setting any example. Siblings and Nephew positive experience. Mi sobrino.My love. Mi quiero mucho. Growing up is hard.Think about life.Young andDumb.Simple when younger.Life is a fairytale.So stupid to think. I am a princess.Love Pink. Victoria Secret. Pink Clothes. Wiser when older.Grow dumber with age.Life is not perfect. Impossible equals fairytale. Crying to sleep. Beauty in eyes.Dream Deferred. Message. Hold on to Dreams. Addais shirt. Power: Impossible is nothing.Truth better.Weird.Pessimistic on shirt. Right. Wrong. Simplicity please. Content and confused. Life. So. 40 year old. Murder. Virgin Suicide.Weird Movie.Wisdom with age.Repeat again. False.Old and dumb. Life.Dumbness. Annoyed. Go. Ready. Please. Now.HOME? No answer. Stupid.Life.Money.No. 60 year old profound. Whatever. Ready. Relax. Same words. Same words. Same 15 words. Stuff.Sucks. Nothing.Rather. People. Retail. Fucking. So. Stress.Kill. Idiot. Neccesary. Manager. Like. Asswhole. Words. Enough. Meaning.Working.Television. Soda or Pop. Employers.Wish. Make.Delete. tab. Shift.Baby.Space. Complain. Just. Melody. String. Shit. Do not. Everything.Rest.Seriously. Born. Pay.Terrible.Fuck. 90s.Technology.Space.Yet .Could. Problems.Reason. Often. The.Much. Sense. Gone.Paper.Dr.Pepper.Love. Command.Alcohol. Dancing.Purse.Clock. Napkin. Nephew.Isaiah.Impossible is nothing.Reappear.Now.Memories.Meaning.Planning. Connecting. Bff. Thoughts.Great.Attitude.Personality.Faith.Home.Relax.No Home.No me gusta.So.So.Stupid. Beautiful. Sexy. Day.This. Grateful.Children .Charish.What is important?Movies.Family.God.Love.Success.Hope.You.Bills. Course.Awesome.Overcome. To. Even. Ways.Grow.Mess.Life.Children.Cherish.Set.Want.Would.Sounds.All.School.Getting.Decent grades.End. Disapper. Impossible is Nothing. Opposite.Suppose.Wrong. Ends.Working.Jackass.Many.Lifetime.Crime.Moment. Tired.I’m tired. Fighting.Why?Already. Test. Right. Will.Learn.Ahead.Study.Know.Hard.Make difficult. What. Feel. Bad.Truth.Silver work.Return. Need. Started.Yet.Smart choices. Road not taken.Difference.Took.Think.Road.Not.Worse.Really. Continue. Nothing compares to.Someone you like.Pure and beautiful. Love.First time together.Bowling. Wanting to kiss. First.Weird.Awkard.Overcoming Obstacles.Love.So cute.So Fun. Heartbreaking.Disappointed.Staring from afar.Say Something.Counter Daemons.Demon encounter.Love living.Living Love.Popping up.Propose.You like.Fresh and Clean. So. Still really lost. Confused.Choices.Did I make.What.Destination possible.Wrong or Right.Cierto o Falso. Espanol es muy excelente. Mellamo.Random.Day.Date. Boys.Door opens.Wide.Smile.Sexy glance.Wink. Bowl. Smelling good. Important.Laughing out Loud.Computer language.Words.Nouns and Verbs. Usage.Ever. Sorry.Come over. Not. Grad. Idiot. Awkard.Loser. Lover in the night. Door close. Ending Circle.Family. Home. No. Help me. Continue.Lost. Really.Lost.i talk.i sing.i dance.Highschool.Plans with. Anniversary. College.Isaiah.Cute guy.Welcome to.
Power: Impossible is nothing.Shirt reads for the second time. Maybe a sign.Why? second visit. Weird. Life works but have to be positive.No one likes a quitter but sometimes don’t work. Got to do what is best for you. Life is a trip. What is going to happen next. Faternity or Sorority who cares. Its all about the money.Paying for friends. Not really but it’s funny. Do I like him? To soon to tell. Nice person.Gentlemen are so hard to find. Nobody cares about cars. Opening doors is extinct. So nice to have diversity. Didn’t expect a lot of change. Such a interesting outlook. Intellect is key. Talking about life is interesting. Can’t wait to see the next phase. Hopes aren’t high. Figuring out a person only takes a second. If a person shows you who they are believe them. I can tell that your heart and your pride is as small as a pupil. Counter Daemons. Why? Blast from the past. Looking to the future.Move on Idiots. Not interested.What are you thinking? Not serious. Can’t have an education. So stupid and over the bullshit. If a person shows you who they are believe them. I can tell that your heart and your pride is as small as a pupil.Understand. So important. Hunger is sad. Weird and so rude. Why? Angry because I’m not interested. Mad because I can be. Leave it alone. What the heck? Why my life. So many encounters. Evil all around. Trying to steal your happiness. Finally feel content.Funny but not really. Defense mechanism of course. Stupid idiots. Deprived of protein.King of the Hill rocks. Meat is so freaking good. Tried to figure out what is important.Seems like the answer will never be clear. So many important things in life. So many different answers. Gratification begins when the hunger ends.Who knows what that means. Thinking weird thoughts doesn’t make me weird. Paper.Movies.Love.Family. Digusting is my favorite word. So tired of school and work.Life sucks.

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