Tuesday, May 26, 2009


639 words


You went back to where you came from

Perhaps be my grandchildren one day

How can we be depressed

When our future is your present


Naiveté everywhere I step

And I wipe my shoes of it far too often

Not that I’m better than you

You just don’t know


Washing my brain of the stupid things you do

I take this time to remind myself

Of how unlucky we will be


Facing the inevitability of extinction

I’ve got it all figured out










Now what do you think about that?


Being in a coma is the only way out of this mess

Once you know where you’re going your mind is set in stone

Now get on track and get it done

Time has wasted and gone


I reflect once a month to keep in touch


Give up ingenuity

Renounce profit

Bandits and thieves will disappear


Temper desire


Who’s really right

And who’s really wrong

Who really cares I just thought of this song


Everything needs a spine or it will bend under pressure. Without a strong support time is the enemy and inevitability is what will define you. The last day of your life, this is the day you will experience death. My only suggestion is make it funny.  Religion, I say if you feel like following one then pick one and go with it. Just to see what happens.


Then annoy everyone you see about it.


A call, a call

I received a call

From a friend today

In need of something

Of mine

Mr., he said

I’ve got an opportunity

For you, he said

My money is all he needed

My time was all he took

Hello friend, I said

How have you been

I asked


How many pancakes does it take to shingle a doghouse?

I don’t know, ten?

No, eleven because ice cream has no bones.


The first time I saw you was as unlikely and as chance a happening that could ever be conceived.

We met each from two continents away. I went to Europe after two years of planning, while you just happened to be in Asia somewhere. I could see you clear as day; you could see me seeing you.

You waved, I smiled. We never saw each other again.


Now every time I show up to your scene I nearly vomit

By your “scene” I mean

Your presence

And the spectacle you’ve become

The show that is you

Completely illuminated or shrouded in fog

I can’t tell


Have you ever thought about why we’re here


What did you come up with



Then the concern turns to nutrition and health benefits.


Why is it that every world religion, culture, and prophet foresaw an apocalyptic event? The living spends a lot of their time worrying about death.

What the fuck is this all about?

I hope it happens in the worst way just so every butthole suffers.


People with too strong opinions don’t really matter

But that’s just my opinion


I know I’m home when it rains

Because it never rains on vacation

So either this vacation is over

Or I am home


I guess I’d be ok with this being home


It’s fun to have a good scare every now and then

It makes everyday things seem better

Like leaping from the top floor to get to work every morning

Or like stepping in front of a bus to put food on the table


But now I can’t even see

The Cubs can’t win


Still content though



Everyone just wants everyone else’s

Too dependant on people

Subsistence farming is the way to go

Wind farm

Lumber mill

Amish is the way to go

Beards aren’t necessary though

Unless it’s a freestyle beard off

Set to a beat


Then I’d be down