Friday, May 29, 2009


Kelly Gibbons (722)

The Closing of Her eyes,
Empty my Heart of thee, (587)
Adored with caution- as a Brittle Heaven, (680)
I many times thought Peace had come (738)
'Twas the old-road-through pain, (344)
Why, I have lost, the people know (104)
Remembrance has a Rear and a Front (1182)
Of Fate if this is All (1334)
Its bright impossibility, (505)
The Forest of the Dead (615)
And leave the Soul-Alone (524)
From the belief that Somewhere, (532)
The solemn contract of a Life, (580)
All-the price if All (772)
Why give if Thou must take away (882)
This way, I keep from missing (996)

The Dying need but a little, Dear, (1026)
Departed, or at Home (1037)
Is Heaven a Place-a Sky- a Tree? (489)
It was a boundless place to me (506)
I felt my life with both my hands (351)
But Dying-Is a different way (335)
Of course-I Prayed (376)
My Reward for Being, was This (343)
And that is His business-not Ours (316)
Oh what a Grace us this, (1614)
If grace could talk (1608)
God would certainly scold! (251)

All but death can be adjusted (749)
There is another Loneliness (1116)
Are Friends Delight or Pain (1199)
There's Triumph in the Room (455)
My period had come for Prayer (564)
Impregnable my Fortress (642)
That dying I may earn the Look (1559)
We are molested equally (1646)
My God- He sees thee (1178)
The rainbow never tells me (97)
Dare I presume to see (166)
Departed-to the Judgment (524)
Not so the infinite Relations- Below (1040)
My Cocoon tightens- Colors tease- (1099)
I made slow Riches but my Gain (843)
Death is a Dialogue between (976)
She hideth Her the Last (557)
Superiority to Fate (1081)
Bliss is frugal of her Leases (1119)
Of her effacing Fathom- (1358)
All things swept sole away (1512)
She's dreaming of the woods! (142)

The Fact that Earth is Heaven (1408)
For which I cease to live- (1559)
There comes an hour when begging stops (1751)
The Love a Life can show Below (673)
But reduce no Human Spirit (710)
Compared with that profounder site (1695)
Far after Act or Accident (1175)
What I see not, I better see- (939)
I'm glad I don't believe it (79)
And in the midst so fair, (144)
I have no Life but thus (1398)
None who saw it ever told it (1110)
But not for Compensation (862)
As hopelessly as I- (739)
I asked no other thing (621)
You love the Lord- you cannot see (487)
What I can do- I will- (361)
Incarceration- Home. (1334)

Alluded to no time (93)
And never coming back (1260)
Oh disparity (1314)
All but Death, can be adjusted (749)
Block it up (546)
The Eyes glaze once -and that is Death- (241)
Not in this World to see his face- (418)
I dwell in possibility- (657)
The Lord alone is burned (871)
We fought Mortality (1136)
No Passenger was known to flee (1406)
Into the Beautiful (1540)
Escaped the House unseen (948)
Except it have the flaw- (242)
They leave us with the Infinite (350)
It was dying- Then- (614)
One Blessing had I than the rest (756)
Each one unto the other (1049)
Through the strait pass of suffering- (792)
A legacy of Love (644)
But Heaven made both, impossible (586)
Partakes without alighting (500)
Too imperceptible to note (471)
Without a Misery- (372)
Inebriate of Air-am I- (214)
I deemed Eternity (765)
I took on Draught of Life (1725)
Such are the inlets of the mind (1421)
Perhaps they do not go so far (1399)
A Good News should be given (947)

Light is sufficient to itself (862)
The Height I recollect (788)
No matter-now-Sweet (704)
It never did betray (578)
Could-I do more-for Thee- (447)
The Lost- Day's face- (355)
That I dare to tell? (291)
The one that no one else would miss (223)
No other-stopped to earn (767)
The Grace next to it-heal? (918)
To the Native Land. (1021)
Babble of the Happy (1217)
More loyal for the exody (1300)
More arduous there is (1446)
Ajar-secure-inviting (578)
Best Beauty's Way (571)
The Heaven-unexpected come, (513)
I gained it so- (359)
Till it depart, persuading Mine- (1060)
Just lost, when I was saved! (160)
I went to Heaven- (374)
Amd all we said-was "Saved"! (325)

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