Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Word Count - 655

A tree with purple leaves.

So close outside the window.

It’s strange being here, almost like a dream.

I am not used to summer here. I want summer at home.

Empty apartment noise I cannot decipher.

I lock all doors.

I don’t want you to go home.

Friends are here. I will not be by myself. But none are as good as you.

Stay in the bedroom.

It smells like rain.

We’ll briefly emerge to use the mouthwash.

Back in the room

Humid air consumes us.

The living room is cool

Separate couches

We convese

Hours upon hours.

I show you elephant bamboo

A jug of Hawaiian Punch has turned to water.

I give you a bagel and cream cheese.

I don’t mid the walk home.

The scent of lilac’s is intoxicating.

A big gentle dog sits right in my lap.

The back seat of a car.

He wants to smell air outside the open window.

Being busy will never distract me from missing you.

I re-read your words every morning, break, and night.

A hand held sentiment

You get no sleep.

The smaller one takes up the entire bed.

My room is looking odd without you in it.

I’m back in the black tiled room.

Only 3 days this week, I am relieved.

And yet I don’t want Friday to arrive.

I do however want the month of June to be finished with.

It will be so long.

Your gum is sitting on my suitcase.

A reminder of our days together.

I put your things in your hat.

You are curious.

Peeking into my closet, I am afraid you will see the cake.

A bad movie night.

We watch a Death Race.

Contained in another hot room, I don’t mind.

The door to your house is unlocked.

A new front door and awning, a new toilet too.

A shack will hopefully become a home.

Frequent visits on the weekends to avoid the beast.

I refuse to pay for his showers.

I think of the tasks.

Doctor’s appointments need to be made.

I need to fill prescriptions.

I need to finish the curtains.

No vehicle will help me.

Going grocery shopping will be difficult.

I should run for a while.

I will think and be healthy. 

Physically and mentally.

A fight on TV

You didn’t know I enjoyed that.

You profess your love.

Love? Is it true?

I knot the soft fabric.

Your room, at home, smells like me.

A constant reminder I hope never fades.

The marmot eats apple on the hill.

The raging train does not scare, or distract him.

He is cunning and is seen no more.

The movie makes us want to eat bacon.

I check the mail box for the 4th time today.

I am missing 2 parcels.

A curtain rod is needed.

It is a mechanism, not an animal.
You help me tack the blanket to my wall.

We don’t want any light.

You hope I drop so I can go home.

Closer to my city

More importantly, closer to you.

We remember kisses on the clothes dryer

5 AM and it began.

Is this confusion? Temporary lust?

It turns out to be neither.

I am glad for that.

I get a taste of life when you leave.

You look out for me

Tell me things that will protect me.

You don’t like it when I am alone.

So, you should stay.

I like productive days like tody.

I feel good.

I want more days like today.

I nap within the stars

I wake up in an ocean.

I am ready to clean

Myself, my apartment, my life.

I steal the desk. It is necessary.

My plans are interrupted.

A spot of blood.

My mother’s message

I want it to stop.

How will I gain the confidence?

I may not need it if this sickness continues.

He enjoys the thought I speak on accident.

I grin at my accident. 

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