Friday, May 22, 2009


Word Count: 658

I was just pretending to be a hyper-sensitive snail.

Just yeah, how life moves on. Everyone is equal when they die. Even death has its own part in fate. Embrace all the good and bad. There's nothing you can do when death is gonna be there anyway. He's giving you a light at the end of the tunnel.
What's an example of that bluntness? At least you'll die, and your whole family will die. I mean, that's comforting in a way.
Cause it's true: the face is a lifeboat.
We've made our share of flubs. He is a joyful salesman for a bullfrog company.
But, I mean, he's obviously not talking about Santa Clause. It's a confusion of pronouns, but I think it might be intentional.

Remember, the baby gets his warm frog juice around 6:00.
Throw the woodchucks on the fire and listen to them squeal.
Let's play a game of touch lower-intestine ball.
Old MacDonald had a machine gun.
Fill your eyelids with fresh puppies.

Spinning people fill the room, needing more than now, than later.
Heavy breath, floating away with thoughts.
Music floating in front of my eyes, softly, softly.

I find that I have to read poetry aloud to get anything out of it at all. I suppose I can understand why the librarians would dislike my habits.
Rush Limbaugh Sean Hannity
I have pain in my upper Mole People.
Is the other button that looks like this button an eject button for this one?
Legs, legs, legs, I hate my wart.
Ahhhh where's the toaster?!
But you're not capable of being weird...chihuahuas chew on the naked Barbies littering my couch.
That all gets instilled in the child and he grows up blah blah blah. He was like blah blah blah America. But now it smells like smoke instead of cheap perfume.

Here yet? Not me, but yes.

At 7am there is too much time in the day. By 5 there is too little.
Poetry is more than a function of language.
He's saying things in here that are precisely false.
A barrel full of angry hedgehogs. Rainbow cheesecake tornado.
Did you get green, or tea?
For every sentence, I eat a black olive of yours.

Dear Sir or hostage,
I have a long screwdriver for a reason; now I know. I swatted him down and swiped him off.
I like pickles! Indeed
Feet moving in front of my eyes.
People with smelly hair must wear bathing mushrooms.
I mean a bonfire, not a house burning fire. In ninety days I will be a new man; he's gonna look a lot the same. Tonight we'll be talking about consistent. That's what I'm all about, dude. If it wasn't possible to stand talking in parking lots I don't know if I'd survive. Becca has a hiccup.

I'm all for shanking people. I shank all the time and sometimes I rhyme while I'm shanking in due time.
Why would you chew on somebody else's pen?
You throw the egg in the microwave until it explodes and then you just lap it up...slurp.
I sure liked those kids when I was a movie.

Whispers heard by no one.

It's a lot about equality. There's a flower coming on to a guy at a gate. And this is where he gets really angry at the auctioneer. For your information I broke my cuticles surfing.

I walk through life hiding behind tortoise shell frames
world is tinted grey today
amber tomorrow, yesterday
it's safe when nobody sees
I don't know what would happen
I ventured out
colors are less clear
sky might be blue today
I could free my sight
I take in the space around me
people rushing by
never noticing my silent form
I always know the answers
anyone asks the questions
I avoid them anyway
I am alone.