Friday, May 29, 2009

Dickinson Cento

Word Count 615

These Strangers, in a foreign World, line 1096
Seem to me as if they another agenda
One that doesn’t quite align with those tell my fortunes
Fortunes of formalities between, the other strangers
My Reward for Being, was This. Poem343
All of nothing seems to be lively hood in the player’s rapture
Letting in the sea, opens new doors for the mustard
Looking for someone in my arms, in my tree.

Who is it seeks my Pillow Nights poem 1598
Open my heart and I shall you all that laughter
All that is retched and flimsy and dirty and lime.
Hurry and find the party
Then laugh at the fools who desperately try and seek the bicycle
Loving and light bulbs seems go hand and hand with stereo playing on full aims.
I can’t seem to figure out which them are for me
As seems as if the signs are getting clearer
Those strangers are hungry, lick them.
Bare Ivory, tickles my rat.
Why mustn’t we rub?
Why can’t everyone just bleed?
Everyone struggles, so die,
It may get better once the apples reach
the sun. Keep the date to yourself,
I lied, share the lies with nature.
It was not Saint- it was too large Line 1092
For me to fit in my wallet
So I left it on the floor,
where I find and lose everything else
That’s right
This loser loses his saint who keeps him imprisoned.
keeping my mask around my hip.
Losing all that I have
Galloping leaping
Understanding the default is pointless,
unless a gun is involved.
Fearing the fear is always theme of styles
You’ve seen balloon set haven’t you poem 700
Jumping the balloons once were pricing them
Haven’t you ever wondered why they were there?
Understanding why the balloons weren’t there would be astonishing
Taking the hook shots with actual hooks weren’t very appealing
They were thirsty so they were in recession
They were then decayed from the drizzled death
Pricing uneducated impersonation
Dead, sleeping in new
Flash forward and comprehend the fortitude
A worldrockistic hominadical gladiator!
Hurray for the lesbians
Hurray to the brother on rleigft
And to the other side of him
Or shall I say her
Who hid the Vaseline from the devil
And hid the visine from the hearing impaired
How cruel to never understand the deaf
And the ones hid the picnic basket from the
Kelly from saved by the bell
Needless to say, I am the book
It should be obvious isn’t the cookie
Owning the monster by the bookcase?
He is now in rehab for lowering his standards
Similar to what I am doing now
We Pray To Heaven poem 489
That we won’t fail,
the trap has the goons
and the gnomes have my tail and refuse to let go
they understand and disagree with the sand
they fear all that righteous and flexible
please leave!
Trying to understand the ignorance
Is truly beautiful and mucus at the same time
Dumb is all the same to the JEWISH
+ is true meaning to life
Trust me I will not lead you astray unless you buy me diner
Then I will hate you
I know I am not making sense but you MUST trust that I will love you and make you a dryer and a sandwich.
Take my wrist and fingers and palm and finger nails with you as you leave and don’t let anything drop from your bag like the paper tends to do.
I love the sound of gasoline in the morning. It makes feel at ease when I distort thee
Please leave the O-bomb. Nothing will control thee as much the logical understand the document

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