Friday, May 29, 2009

Latoya Lewis

Word Count=443
There is another sky(2)
I view the landscape o’ er (3)
In the peaceful west (4)
I have a Bird in spring(5)
Behind my native town(6)
How far the Village lies-(7)
Time’s sublimest target(8)
The tempests touched our garments-(9)
A clearing at the end-(10)
I never told the buried gold(11)
Morning has not occurred!(13)
One came the road that I came-(14)
He stops at every door-(15)
I was never in!(17)
Is where the angels are-(18)
To a hand below (20)
Leaving nooks for Daisy(22)
I sat down to sigh(23)
It was not for me-(28)
If these I loved were lost(29)
Then I remember not(33)
I gasped-I bore away-(41)
Steady-my soul: What issues(42)
Some touch it, and some kiss it-(45)
I bring my Rose(46)
Heart! We will forget him!(47)
I never lost as much but twice,(49)
I will not name it in the street(50)
Far-as the East from Even-(53)
If I should die,(54)
“I will not let thee go (59)
If pain for peace prepares (63)
Hidden away, cunningly,(66)
Burst agonized and clear!(67)
Affection doesn’t know(68)
An anguish at the mention (71)
Yet she cannot speak.(72)
She died at a play,(75)
As by the dead we love to sit,(88)
How still the Riddle lies!(89)
My friend must be a Bird-(92)
But I shall never tell!(91)
Angels, in the early morning (94)
To such, if they should whisper (95)
All in this summer(173)
What is-“Paradise”-(215)
It can’t be “Dying”!(221)
Enable thee to guess(225)
In sight of me-(226)
Look further on!(229)
You are very far-(240)
Because I know it’s true-(241)
Except it have the flaw-(242)
That dazzled, Yesterday(243)
I breathed enough to take the Trick-(272)
That dies away in Dimple(274)
Saying itself in a new inflection-(276)
See where it hurt me-That’s enough-(277)
A shady friend-for Torrid days-(278)
But never I mind the steepest-(279)
Goodbye to the Life I used to live-(279)
I felt a Funeral, in my Brain,(280)
Keep beating-beating-till I thought(280)
Looking at Death, is Dying-(281)
Members of the Invisible,(282)
Its frequent Visitor-(283)
That after Horror-that ’twas us-(286)
While cool-concernless No-(287)
To an admiring Bog!(288)
The other peep-(289)
I got so I could walk across(293)
The Man-to die-tomorrow-(294)
Let me not shame their sublime deportments-(295)
The Soul selects her own Society-(303)
Then-close the Valves of her attention-(303)
The rest of Life to see!(173)
If stillness is Volcanic(175)
Is true,dear Sue?(218)
How still the riddle lies! (89)
So bashful when I spied her!(91)
To follow her superior Road-(629)
Continual- with the News-(630)
Conquer Mortality-(817)
The Thoughfulness of Thirst(818)
A Death blow is a Life blow to Some(816)
To look at Thee a single time(815)
The Consciousness of Thee(815)
I recollect it-How still-(902)
Twas stiller-though the first(902)

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