Thursday, October 4, 2007

Weekly Poem

The Wounded Soldier

Open your eyes to a new world
unbearable pain throbbing through out yr body
blink compulsively
adjusting to the bright lighting
Moans on both sides
“fucking cut it off, stop the pain!”
Screams across—throughout—the entire room
A flashback
As you duck in the trench
the roaring sound of a plane overhead

down comes food—the initial thought

landing it blows
body parts splash onto your body
as you are thrown like a ragdoll
lying helplessly
the world goes dark
a face appears above you blocking the

awful lights
a touch to your cheek
releasing the throbs momentarily

“You survived, you’re gonna make it,”

and with that

the lights over head
don’t bother you anymore

the throbbing goes

the screams and moans quiet
this is a new world

Oh, wounded soldier, you are a hero.

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