Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Collaboration Research 4

Today's collaboration research comes from William Bonilla and Amber V. Moonstone. The two authors chose to collaborate with a painting by Sue Dowe.

William Bonilla was born in New York, New York and is a reitred police officer from the NYPD. His influences include Yates, Poe, Emerson, Homer, and Willie Nelson. Amber V. Moonstone was born in New Britian, Connecticut. She is currently compiling her first book of poetry entitled "Echoes from the Sea" to be published in spring 2008.

I discovered these authors and their work at authorsden.com. I am unsure as to how the authors went about writing this poem; however, I would say it is possible that they collaborated via Internet. Feel free to take a look and see what you think.

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Below, is the painting by Sue Dowe, along with the collaboration poem by William Bonilla and Amber V. Moonstone.

At The Gates Of Ecstasy

I visualize you like a dream
You stare at me sensuously
Eyes interlock
In passionate desires
With the wonderment of love.

First words slowly sail
Through the air
Carried on the wings
Of Pegasus.

Cupid aims a bulls eye
The arrow marked it’s target
Passion stir
Where there was once
A broken heart.

You mended my heart
Nursed my soul
Nourished my passionate desires
At The Gates Of Ecstasy.


The Gates await your arrival
like a lover awaits her soldier
The battle has ended
you have surrendered
to my passionate call.

Only seeing black and white
for my passionate manly knight.
You are not in darkness any longer,
My light radiated through your solitude.

Never again shall you dwell in stagnant wonder
Only flying toward me in splendid thunder.
You are no longer lost or alone,
surrender is so sweet a tone.

Words whispered, will never be forgotten
when our passion re-unites there
at the gates of our ecstasy!

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