Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Slam (Performance Poetry Collaboration)

Some of you might know about slam, and some of you don't. There are all sorts of things about it... and if you have a few hours, come talk to me about it, or email me about it. If you've seen Def Poetry on HBO, then you've seen a little of what the slam aesthetic is all about.

I've been attending and performing in slams since 2000, and got exposed to it back in 1994 during the Lollapalooza tour when it stopped in Las Vegas.
The National Poetry Slam (tournament/convention) emphasizes collaborative "pieces" that can result in things resembling very short theatrical performance art to acapella doo wop songs.

Check out the following links:

The corporate headquarters
A blog entry from Jeffrey McDaniel, a wild literary(ish) poet who dabbled in slam.
A guy who is known as the great strategist in the slam community, leading 4 teams to championships, and he is a very funny poet too.
Marc Kelly Smith( the founder of the slam "movement" and host of the Uptown Slam at the Greenmill in Chicago.

An essay about poetry slam from Kurt Heinz (this site also has a lot of resources on poets)
Also go to www.youtube.com and type in the search box :slam team poems

Also, I have a few dvds including a documentary called Slam Nation which profiled the NPS in 1996; and a few best-of NPS compilations which includes a lot of team pieces.

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