Wednesday, October 3, 2007


by Matthew Rohrer and Joshua Beckman

Money cannot find me.

I try to be reasonable but money is horridly banal.

Money, blow and blow is what I think about you.

Street urchins make more than me.

Water tastes funny without cups.

How far will I go?

Jingle jingle jingle.

Despite holes that compromise living rooms, friends visit.

Money money and more holes to look into.

You are dangerously close to falling.

The money said nothing.

The neighbors called up to us, "Your whole system sounds cockeyed!"

They suck the life from each other and we pay the bill.

Money always whispers,

"You pathetic humans don't know my true name."

I know my own name.

It is something exaggeratedly French.

This poem struck me because it touched the topic of money.
I don't often see poems about money and this one was interesting
because it seems like it talks of how money is in control. I view the world
as being controlled by money.

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