Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A homophonic translation

Wonder then where often stand her heart
in debris and off the bow
Lakeside vision
of the watcher
Oh helicopter gusts
Embalm this unsure
Nor knock on his tomb under dirt
Betray unsure Profit
Burst in fire Judas
Have in her unsure cap it all for do drop it
Helicopter gusts
Beware of them
For her heart’s explosion
Of hell its her
All her helicopter gusts
Here lies her very good friend in sick
Hear thunder in the dark (neato!)
Oh hellish brutal
All hellish ties onto
Woe in soul that’s not furious
Would ache all in hearts unsure
And heartache
Inner friend in
Her erratic nerves
Her bleak mirror closest
Oh helipcopter gusts
Die costs explodes here in
Here ends woe
In those nightmares spread in it
Answers the
Verse chosen catcher

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