Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Comic Elegy, Song Elegy

Bad Elegy

Dear Andy, sorry you had to die
but no more rent to pay
no more innathatgreat gittin up morning
no more heartbreaks or viceversa
or snuggling cept with the earth
you are the earth
he welcome to death land
please take a brochure

would you like a serenade
a table with a view

would you shut your eyes
and look inside

did you lose a leg along the way
here have it back

oh you red, come here
your collar's up, whew
B.O. Man BTW nice poetry
what else did you do

ah, your vitae, let's see
not enough experience, son, sorry, you have to go back

Have you had your death today?
Eternal no one
Every myn, booboisee
what have you lost
what have you gained
are you having a nice elegy young man?

Deathy death.
don your blindfold man, smoke your last
say something profound a-hole,
smile, say cheese

Dear Andy,
sorry you died
now the world can't go on
it ceases to exist,
love, death.


Good Elegy:

You are the earth
You are the sun
The world is spinning
and we become clouds

we rain we snow
we sing we blow
we make we kill
we till the soil,
till ever, till when
till maybe the end

oh you young one
with pizza in hand
devour it good
and taste every smide

be happy, be sad
and dream of the rockets
and go and get big
and wander your way

and kiss and hold
and touch and warm
and make and send
them off again

and grow up and old
and sit and decease
and meet the old earth
and put bone back in rock

you are earth
you are sun
and you're spinning
a cloud

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