Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sea Shells in White (Extant Collabo.)

ocean waves crest
tumble into foam . . .
a shorebird stares

sea shells in white enthroned
beckon the traveler

gift necklace
and matching earrings
first dance

fond memories . . .

she wraps her sweater
tighter to her body
Hunter's moon

the fawn cries out
the wind responds

crimson leaves
in the chilly air
a young man frowns

Christmas cactus about to bloom

anxious children
with sleepy eyes
stolen kisses under prickly boughs

tryst on Whistler Mountain
hard-packed snow trails

an ivory blanket
covers the mountain
downhill racer's paradise

night skiers

another frost
pots on the porch
with flattened runners

brightly adorned barbless hook
the passing steelhead

and fancy-free'
shopping spree

freckled face & pony-tails
. . . top shelf out of reach

forsythia --
golden stars

risen Saviour ...
bells, rejoicing

by Francine Porad and Arthur Ramos

This collaboration was done in 1993. I just really enjoyed how this poem flowed. A lot of the words they used were nice and flowed together nicely.

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