Thursday, October 18, 2007

painting poem so uninspired--comments helpful

Dear Tsunami Generation,

Once, when I was a rainbow and slept next to a unicorn, I saw you on the beach with a glad bag in your hand. I was practicing my kind thoughts. I spoke to you: Hello Tsunami Generation! Have a great day, whatever that means to you! I heart you I hear you.

When I was a bear I ate fish because that is what bears are supposed to do. When I was an elephant I was afraid of mice because that is what elephants are supposed to be afraid of.

But, I want to be a part of your team. I want to help Oprah I want to glorify a thievery of books.
I want to refill ice cubes I want to say phrases like I am on the outside looking in.

But you know that already.
I can’t remember what type of Indians wear saris. I can’t remember
the last time
I awoke next to a unicorn.

Tsunami Generation,
here is my dowry:
a half-moon of Pacific
ocean, a switchboard
of faces waiting to
be connected—


St. Ephen Shoup said...

I think it is lovely, but don't enjoy the phrase 'tsunami generation.'

Christina said...

Why Tsunami Generation?

I love "When I was a bear" etc., but consider cutting "supposed to be afraid of."

Why would you want to help Oprah? Sorry, I have a deep, personal hatred for that woman.

The last four lines are brilliant.