Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mylka & Buddy's Flyting Poem Collabo.

Your very presence is like a rusty needle sliding slowly under my thumbnail

while one look upon your bloodcurdling face causes my heart to bleed vermins

fitting that should equate your heart with a rat

thoughts of you that walk across my mind calamitously cracks each nerve

nerves-impusles-feelings, I wasn't aware such things dwelled in dirt

myself, dirt? but it is such an apt understatement for your crippling inertness

Speak not of things you do not and cannot understand, child.

children hold more competence in their crayon tips than you in the entirety of your anatomy

perhaps I should find a coloring book, it has to be more engaging than you

while you are at it, find a substance sufficient to dilute your mephitic aroma

It’s your pollution that consumes me, bitter and biting to the last

Teeth nashing?devil screaming?pain howling?oh,im sorry, you were talking

--not to you, that much at least we can agree is done

when I came upon you, earth’s most repulsive creation, you longed to speak

--and now we are through, you to me, are a dead nothingness

yet you will live on as a faux bandit in heels, unsure of your own nebulous existence

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