Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rachel Weiss & Jamie Brown-Apology

Dearest Jamie. My sincere apologizes for pointing out your faults to the class
in which we write. It was very wrong of me and it will not happen again.

hey Rach
no worries
apology accepted
but do you remember? i started this mess
an instigator at heart exploding with malice
i just might be the spawn of satan
it's true that
i deserve nothing but ask for something that may take ALL you have
can you ever forgive me?
i am so very sorry

Sweet Jamie, worry not. Let us not quarrel about who started this hurt that we
both share. Better to make amends and leave the past in the past. It is
impossible for me to fathom the words that came from my fingertips onto the
page, insisting that you were not worthy of praise and only scorne. How wrong
I have been. For you, Jamie, are one of the most sincere people that it has
ever been my priviledge to know. Thanks be to creative writing for allowing me
to meet you.

my darling Rachel
your fingertips compose truth
walk on to future in bare feet
my dog ate my goody two-shoes
humbled by such mercy
a sublime child of God you are
quite deserving of adoration
you possess an altruistic heart

It has become abundantly evident from our correspondence
that yours is a compassionate nature. Your character is one that makes you admired by
those that surround you. Dedicated to the passions that you have in life,
you are a model of what we all strive to be.

the worlds roots tangled in haughtiness
but you dear Rachel wear a quiet confidence
grounded in goodness
you carry the burden of others
work ethic dynamic
attitude inspiring
generosity patience and virtue
fall upon us in ticker-tape fashion

Always joy is seen on your face
even in the midst of adversity
a kind word you have for all
you relate to those around you
in sincerity
Jamie, never do you pull people down
you are always looking for a way to raise someone
to a position higher than yourself
and create strong ties with all those have helped
in your Jamie way
a wonderful way

i'm the Jamie way
you're the Rachel way
dare we say one way's the right way?
we're two ways one ending
but still just the same

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