Wednesday, October 10, 2007

An attempt at circumcised poetry

The CollectALMIGHTY God, who madest thy blessed Son to be circumcised, and obedient to the law for man; Grant us the true circumcision of the Spirit; that, our hearts, and all our members, being mortified from all worldly and carnal lusts, we may in all things obey thy blessed will; through time same thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Oh Mighty dog who made tables on to to be circumscribed and a bed in it to be laid for man. Granite the true circumcision of the wine that our hearts and all our members being fortified from all worldy and carnavores, woman all things ebay, tables swill troughtime some season Jesus Christ or lerdyman. Oh mighty penis, let us circumcise you, and eat your foreskin, let your scrotum hand down like a sack of potatoes. Let us have a pissing contest for the lord, let us walk naked with penis in hand circumcised to the bone, singing hohoho, and hu. Let us get down with Jesus and drink his blood and eat his flesh and his eyeballs. Let us slurp his fluids down like rain, like mist, like fog, let us devour his entrails, swim in his endless lake of blood, the one and only Jesus. Let us drink goblet after goblet till we are drunker than hussies at a bat mitzvah. Let us sit quietly in the cunt of god, drinking our wine, praying for eyesight. Let us dream of wetness, and blood, bone flesh, and hair, skin, teeth, nerves, and stuff. Oh day.

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