Wednesday, October 17, 2007



Werner Reichhold
Jane Reichhold

A Cut-up Collage of Printed Phrases
May 4-5, 1991

Unwind to the music
self priming pump
opens us up

brain rescue throw rope
without damaging fine hand washables

12 volt
pajamas for men
latest fashion

wet suit rentals
make mom proud by saving whales

for the diver
baked chicken breast

so you don't spear your spouse

Jerry can fix it!
all year she is

rollover construction
so your feet stay dry and comfortable

Chemical Mace
brain tuner experiences
instant canopy

inflatable gorilla
four feet big

double breasted knit suit
growing concern nursery
dining out

light. lighter. lightest.

jungle quality
stainless steel lawn
next to the skin

never have to empty
moving hats

skin and bones
women's jeans

some guys get all the breaks
processed to remove the "itch"

rosewood handles
secret pleasure
in blissful privacy

tummy and ease your aching back

releasing sex
...and folds compactly into
its own handy pouch

mix butterflies and bugs in
panties constructed without elastic legs

paradise store?
woodcutter's child within
terrain so new

I want to see my money go up in smoke!
beneath the tent volcanoes erupt

keep your mate in the dark
dragons sleeping
so you want to fly

swim laps to music, so you don't drown of boredom
if you deserve breakfast in bed let them know

blues in oils
united artists
at the pond

a prePONDerance of
time through hairspray and zinc

magnetic tool holder
keep your Roman arc
very deeply

long reach lighter hands free head lamp
splash sprinkle and snow-proof

more new moon
scratch remover
eliminates the blind spot

the primary layer for women
lifetime screwdrivers

tick the spider jumps
new thrills for pretty woman
sleeping with the enemy

"Holy War"
queen's trainer atop the sport of kings

it's raining
lizard earrings
bell born

spring sea fever
yellow silk

meeting with a rare
black oak
space maze

hand-formed guide

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