Thursday, October 11, 2007


You build these walls

to keep others out

to hide behind

to feel safe

I tare them down

trying to percolate inside

see what’s really underneath it all

what I see from the outside is cold

as the chill on a winters night

Do those walls hide the frost covering your heart?

Or is it just the cover to something exquisite?


your tough core makes you unemotional

but inside is beautiful

tears ripple softly down my pale cheek

the inside is that of all my dreams

welcoming and comforting

soft like a snowflake

warm as a steamy cup of tea

with a welcome mat and home sweet home

this is where I belong;

next to you curled up on the couch

So we rebuild together

brick by brick

frame by frame

to make it work

to let me in

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