Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Leiden Hymns (My Version)

God of creation, creator of all

drops the chains off of those who suffer

and needs no tool to heal those who languish with disease

He is the knowledgeable God

God of all knowing

my vision becomes transparent

after what seemed like an everlasting fog

he opens his true nature to me

God to whom I am a child

to whom we are all a child

and as a mother who loves her children

you love and have loved yours

Your loving kindness seeps through

like the sweat of my pores

you are forgiving and have mercy on me

in the times when darkness reveals itself

and when I fall into the pits of darkness

Your ears are more perked then the thorns

you hear my thoughts to the highest volume

our cries are never left unheard

our cries are never left unanswered

your presence is felt immediately in times of woe

Your wings expand across the earth

a symbol of your protection to us whom you love

Powerless becomes forces against you

when we call your name

When fear comes to swallow our minds

you shut its mouth instantly at the thought of your might

Rescuer, Provider, Savior is what you are nothing less

For you are a God of mercy with intentions to only heal

You are good to those who acknowledge you

those who raise their voices out to the heavens

who praise your mighty works

When embraced by the human heart

a feeling of abundance flows

nothing else is needed

You are an advocate to everything good and pure

for you are pure and can only accept what is good

God who is right and can never truly be seen as


The prayer poem that was due last week. Im guessing I should have posted it. This is my version of the Egyptian Leiden Hymn poem.

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