Friday, October 26, 2007

Sandra Scolnik

You disappearing act you.
Blending in with the drapes and the carpet -
suffering in your world
of deep floral designs and pink taffeta -
everything you ever really wanted
pink satin panties,
a taste for the good life,
a desire for something you are not.

I don’t feel sorry for you
your superior personality diminishing
in the darkness of your daily life.

I hope it was everything
you every really wanted,
what ever fills up the holes in your pocket -
with dreams of peppermint and rainbows -
or whatever helps you sleep at night -
beyond the
Valium and Prozac.

You have good reason,
to doubt,
to lie,
to cheat,
to die.

And that’s what you did -
you disappearing act you.

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