Wednesday, October 17, 2007

An Attempt to Insult

Standing here, in planet normal I scream above; How’s the weather, Giant?
Obviously originality is a key concept of your personality, in all honesty it is the same as down there.
The rain clouds are forming above, Giant, will you let me know when to pull out my umbrella?Sure, Will you reach mine for me, I just dropped it and you’re closer to the ground.
While I’m picking it up I notice your clown…I mean Cowboy boots, where’s the ho-down at?
You can go ask one of your rap stars, they seem to know where to find “da hoes.”
Of course my rap stars know where “da hoes” at, that’s why they avoid country bar mechanical bull riding nights.
That’s good, it’s better for business if they do their “riding” elsewhere.At least they’re discrete when they “ride” things, you cowgirls are all the same; horses bulls, pigs, anything and everything you find someway to lasso & ride.
Oh yes, mini skirts revealing a lil’ bit of ass along with some stiletto’s is always discrete. Walk those Manolo Blahnik’s back to the street corner to continue with those “discrete” actions.
I’ll go to the corners & hitch a ride in a pick-up truck with hay, animals, and all the other country saps they pick up on the way, so we can hang out sometime.
I’d love to hangout with you, although an honest day’s work and all that fresh air may not agree with you.
If you call shoveling up animal shit & feeding them hay an honest days work, I think I’ll pass.It's about the same shoveling some slop to customers at a resaurant and cleaning up after they leave. But hey, at least they leave a $3 tip.

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