Thursday, October 11, 2007

an online recipe

the knife works the skin of the fruit breaking the surface. t paring knife peels the peel with an attempt to maintain a full spiral. that never happens but it’s worth trying. i am awkward in my holding of the apple unsure of which hand to hold knife, which to hold the apple. an honey crisp that had been picked with love in michigan. mom and dad picked my bag of apples and held them in the fridge until my return. as the blade peels back the skin, pieces of the white flesh are removed. less that will go into the bowl more apples i will have to peel the more practice. but i don’t mind for breakfast at tiffany’s plays on the tv and i hope to someday be kissed in the rain. the peeled boats are waiting in the large glass mixing bowl to be coated with cinnamon and brown sugar. i value bowls over plates give me a bowl any day there is comfort there. i add more apples than the recipe calls for perhaps it is to balance the amount of butter that must cover the fresh pure fruit but will brown beautifully in the oven perhaps it is because i still must find something to do with the bag of apples left in the fridge. i have to remember to check the crisp often because the oven here bakes faster, darker than the one at home cookies have been casualties though still delightful.

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